The man from Neuquén who asks for justice for Agustina Fernández in Qatar.
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In addition to going to enjoy the matches of the Argentine National Team in Qatar, a man from Neuquén took it upon himself to publicize the case of Augustine Fernandezthe young woman from Pampas who was brutally murdered in Cipolletti in July of this year.

Jany Vergarathe Neuquén, He uploaded a photo to his social networks in which he can be seen with the Argentina shirtbut with a very particular detail: in the center of his shirt he had the face of the medical student so that people know about the case and also reply so that justice is done.

Users of social networks congratulated the man on his initiative and shared the photos so that Agustina’s relatives can see the images and feel accompanied. When Silvana Cappellothe victim’s mother, received Vergara’s publication he was moved by his attitude and thanked him for his great gesture with his daughter’s case.

The man from Neuquén who asks for justice for Agustina Fernández in Qatar. (Facebook/)

The mother of the medical student shared the two publications that Jany made and assured that, even without knowing them, “people ask for justice” for his daughter. “From Argentina to Qatar. Do not forget, we lack Augustinethe woman said.

Jany Vergara Thank you for asking for justice on such an important trip for you. Hug and God bless youCappello wrote.

The investigation into the death of Agustina Fernández

Agustina was murdered on the afternoon of July 2, 2022. in an apartment located on Calle Confluencia 131 in the Las Calandrias neighborhood. According to information obtained by the police, the house is Pablo Vinea friend of the victim, who was investigated by the prosecution.

It was Pablo who found Agustina dying with a blow to the head. A few days later, the death of the young woman was announced. Since that day there were possible hypotheses about who the murderer could have been, but for the moment the cause continues without conclusive advances.

Agustina Fernández, a medical student who was murdered in Cipolletti.

Agustina Fernández, a medical student who was murdered in Cipolletti. (Social networks/)

According to L.M. Cipollettithe last information that was known about the case was that the tax team traveled to La Pampaprovince where Fernández was from, to interview the family and closest friends of the young woman.

All the authorities said is that The investigation is still open and “progresses along all possible paths” with a lot of commitment and responsibility on the part of the prosecutors who carry out their tasks to find out what happened on July 2.

Although there are no precise data, it seems everything revolves around a robbery dated to the department of Parrawhere Agustina was that afternoon, so the offender violently attacked her. According to the sources, could be a possibility that the culprit is no longer in the region.

Without security cameras to obtain images of what happened, without witnesses and with a DNA sample from the alleged murderer, the crime of medical student remains unpunished for lack of evidence.

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