A man was shot dead in front of Los Cardales country club

A man was found murdered by at least three bullets and thrown a few meters from his truck in front of a country house in the Buenos Aires town of Los Cardales. Due to the mysterious attack, investigators are looking for two people who apparently fired from another vehicle, in a possible “settling of accounts”.

According to police sources, the lifeless body was found this Friday, May 6, at night in front of the country club Los Cardales, located at kilometer 4 of Route 4, northwest of the province of Buenos Aires.

The victim, identified as Patricio Glave (44), worked as an installer of aluminum openings in a business with two other people close to him, one of the investigators working on the case told the Télam news agency.

According to the spokesmen, the body was found by the police lying on the sidewalk of a road with three bullets in the chest and right shoulder that caused his death almost instantly.

A few meters from the body was his Chevrolet Meriva running and with the lights on.

Experts from the Zárate-Campana Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) seized five shells of a .22-caliber weapon very close to the vehicle and the victim’s cell phone, which will be analyzed.

After the testimonies of family and friends of Glave at the headquarters of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 2 of Campana, in charge of the prosecutor Matías Ferreiros, who is carrying the case labeled “homicide”, the investigations determined that the man was murdered on a section of the normal road that he took almost every day when he left work on his way home.

The spokesmen pointed out that the detectives are focused on obtaining evidence from the security cameras in the Los Cardales country area and along the route, with the aim of identifying the aggressors.

Prosecutor Ferreiros hoped for the next few hours to locate a woman who would be an eyewitness to the crime because he apparently saw two men in a white van who shot and fled.

“The runners of Route 4 towards Campana and Los Cardales were unable to take the images of the license plates of the white vehicle because the rear part did not have the license plate, but the front part did, which was not visible,” said another investigator.

According to the sources, Glave’s body was taken to the judicial morgue and after the autopsy it will be handed over to the family for burial.

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