A minister showed the main fear of the Government for the internal one: “They are going to shit us with sticks”

While the internal tension of the Front of All continues to increase, the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodisone of the Cabinet members most loyal to Alberto Fernández, revealed the government’s main concern: “They are going to beat the crap out of us”he warned.

A sector of the ruling party no longer hides the fear of the high political and electoral cost that could lead to the strong dispute in the ruling coalition. The conciliation lawsuit points to both the President and Vice President Cristina Kirchner, whose relationship has been broken since the Executive announced an agreement with the IMF.

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Alberto Fernández tried in his last public speeches to lower the level of tension and unsuccessfully called for unity.

This Saturday, in radio statements, Gabriel Katopodis stated: “It’s unity or Macri back. We have the responsibility to lead the team, they will not forgive us if we are not up to the task”.

“When it is said that we were almost on the verge of a world war, if it is written that the leadership of the FdT was disputing on internal issueswell, the truth is that All Argentines are going to beat the crap out of us”, added the national minister and member of the President’s small table.

For Katopodis, the Frente de Todos was “the solution that people found to finish with [el gobierno de Mauricio] macri in 2019″.

“Our agreement with society was and is through the Frente de Todos, and the fact is that it is not a hypothesis that Macri wants to return. He is there. The macrismo sees the opportunity to return, because it sees that the Frente de Todos can be broken”, he warned.

The relationship between Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner is broken (Photo: Reuters - Natacha Pisarenko).
The relationship between Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner is broken (Photo: Reuters – Natacha Pisarenko).

When asked about a possible meeting between Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner, the minister replied: “There are many conversations and contacts. But it is very important that we all understand that what is at stake is whether a productive model continues to be applied and developed in defense of national industry, as Alberto and Cristina have been doing, or it returns to a model where it wants to reward financial timba again”.

As reported by TN in recent days, at the Casa Rosada they warn that there will not be a total rupture for now, but they assure that the internal notably favored the arming of the opposition and paralyzed any chance of management effective at a time when the economic situation is still far from under control.

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