Rosario Herrera-disappeared in Gualeguaychú

The Gualeguaychú Police and Justice they seek to know where the 15-year-old minor Rosario Herrera is located, who was absent from his home on May 6. So far the only encouraging message is the one that appeared in the stories of the social networks of the minor indicating that she is not missing, although the family still has accurate data. The young woman left her home leaving behind a six-month-old baby.

Rosario’s family asks the community for collaboration in order to find the missing minor since May 6.

From the prosecution in charge of Dr. Martina Cedrésthe image of the minor was released, for which data that the population can provide about her whereabouts is requested.

In this context, in the last few hours, the minor would have exchanged information on networks, and a friend was the one who shared the statement with the family.

Rosario Herrera- disappeared in Gualeguaychú (Facebook/)

From the instagram user of @15rosih.errera He says: “Stop talking alpd. I’m not missing or dead so they can talk to the pd you know already get that out because nothing to do with what he’s saying”.

For its part, the aunt of the young Sol Zapata confirmed this Friday that there is still no news from Rosario and wrote on Facebook “Please if anyone sees her, contact me, the mother or the Police, we haven’t known where she is for a week.” Regarding the message that appeared in the stories of the young woman’s networks; “We don’t really know it’s you or someone else”. “We want to hear your voice and know that you are well, I love you alive with your baby and your mother who mourns your absence”, the aunt wrote.

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