A mushroom sauce, it respects itself
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I sometimes have the impression that, since the dawn of time, hotel restaurants, grills and other catering establishments have systematically accompanied their steaks, even poultry or veal, with a mushroom sauce. Nine times out of ten, it’s smeared over your meat as if the chef is ashamed to show what’s under that slimy slick.

But why on earth are mushroom sauces still so badly cooked today? Why are we still served this “mushroom sauce”, thrown like a modest veil over a piece of meat, in establishments where the menu [n’a pas changé] since February 1963?

If there’s one thing that makes my throat indignant and makes me foam with rage, it’s a bad mushroom sauce. The kind where the supremacy of flour erases any hope that the slightest mushroom has ever rubbed shoulders with the kitchen where this sauce was supposedly made. The kind of sauce you can take a spoonful of and flip it over without it daring to spill, like clinging to the spoon. Because it is not balanced, without any fluidity, this kind of sauce is an affront to the great sauce tradition.

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