In a short time, you will receive a photo of the second strange-looking carp To the Hungarian Mortuary Society (MHTT) What did I catch? column – can be read in Pecaverse on the side.

As it is written, it rarely happens that the MHTT cannot give a concrete answer to the question based on a photograph, but this happened now.

Unfortunately, the picture does not show the serrations of the strong bony spine of the dorsal fin and the edge of the dorsal fin, so it is not possible to accurately identify the fish based on the picture sent.

– they wrote in the expert opinion.

In their answer, they also explained that in the case of the broad crucian carp, also known as the golden crucian carp, the edge of the dorsal fin is convex and rounded, and the bony spike at the beginning of the dorsal fin is finely serrated almost all the way through.

However, the edge of the silver cormorant’s dorsal fin is straight cut or slightly concave, and the spine is coarsely serrated, and the serrations can only be felt from the upper third to half of the bone spine.

Based on the picture – which can be viewed on the Pecaverzum page – the broad crucian carp can be ruled out, as the scales of this species on the lateral line reach a minimum of thirty-two, but the silver crucian carp cannot be declared with 100% certainty either.

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