A new forerunner of Love and Thunder arrives with asparagus thor and giant goats

This cookbook from 1747 contains the first curry recipe written in English and will be put up for auction soon.

According to the recipe, the food requires rabbit or poultry meat, some onions and pepper, rice, toasted coriander seeds, but onions, ginger and chili will not be needed for this. The historic recipe was found in The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy, which was bought 275 years ago at a Chinese store in London. The recipe was written by Hannah Glasse, and the book was also owned for a time by John Le Mesurier, a former soldier who is not, incidentally, the last heir to the governor of the Channel Islands.

In addition to the curry recipe, there are, of course, early versions of many foods, but even a warning from a doctor that draws the reader’s attention to the dangers of coffee and tea.

The book was with Caroline Crisford, a passionate cookbook collector, for 40 years. And Crisford’s complete collection will soon be hammered in, with a starting price of no less than £ 80,000.

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