A “new Kazakhstan”, promises President Tokaev after his re-election
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“Tokaev won the presidential election in Kazakhstan”, title the Kazakh site Nour. At the end of the November 20 election, with six candidates in the running, the outgoing president, Kassym-Jomart Tokaev (69 years old, in power since 2019), was reappointed, with more than 81% of the votes, for a term of seven years. The re-elected president wants to build a “New Kazakhstan”, although “its concrete roadmap has not yet been presented”, note the Tajik site Asian More.

The Kazakh website InformBuro reports that on learning of his victory Tokaev, in his speech to the members of his electoral campaign staff, declared that this “will stay[it] no doubt in [notre] story”, and “the people have expressed their confidence [en lui] as president”, “the confidence of the people [étant] the most important value”.

A revolution from above

And to call to “justify this confidence of the people” and to “set to work” from November 21. Tokaev has

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