Press Service of the Cathedral

Press Service of the Cathedral

This joint project with the Tretyakov Gallery “Exhibition of one painting” was invented by the artistic director of the Cathedral Vera Tariverdiyeva in 2018. Since then, Kaliningraders have been able to see three original paintings by great Russian artists: “Moscow Courtyard” by Vasily Polenov, “At the Open Window. Portrait of the Daughters of F.I. Chaliapin” by Konstantin Korovin, “Improvisation 7” by Vasily Kandinsky.

Picturesque masterpieces, which are exhibited once a year for a month, are accompanied by musical masterpieces, this is the idea of ​​the project: a synthesis of the arts – fine, musical, architectural. At the opening of the exhibition, on the same stage with the picture, under the languid gaze of noble maidens, the works of Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart and other Russian and foreign authors of the late 18th century were performed by the early music ensemble Les Moscovites and Kaliningrad musicians. At the closing ceremony on July 17, the famous Moscow Virtuosos under the direction of Vladimir Spivakov will perform Handel, Vivaldi, Elgar, Grieg and Respighi, accompanied by the titular organists of the Cathedral.

“This is a unique project, one of our favorites, and not only because of the remoteness of Kaliningrad from Moscow, but first of all, it is the very sacred space of the cathedral, where music always sounds,” says the chief curator of the State Tretyakov Gallery Tatyana Gorodkova. – The choice of a painting is the choice of the Tretyakov Gallery, the musical component of the project is the choice of the staff of the cathedral. One of the criteria is that it should be a very iconic, recognizable painting by one of the artists who make up the glory of Russian art, a part of the Tretyakov Gallery.

Photo: Press Service of the Cathedral

– The picture itself provokes a musical program, it should still be a masterpiece that ignites musical fantasy, – adds Vera Tariverdiyeva.

Two girls in the picture are playing music: one is holding notes, the other is a small guitar. Philippe Nodel, head of the Les Moscovites ensemble, demonstrates the same, explaining: “This is a copy of the instrument depicted in this picture – a romantic guitar from the beginning of the 19th century, it will sound in a concert.” And what do the princesses play? On the folded corner of the sheet of music, the musicians saw a fragment of a French romance and picked up a similar one for performance in Kaliningrad.

A priceless work of art is protected from mechanical damage by special museum anti-reflective glass. And also – insurance, the amount of which Tatyana Gorodkova did not voice, she only emphasized that the insurance policy is drawn up according to the formula “from nail to nail”: it includes all risks, from the moment the painting is removed from the wall in the Tretyakov Gallery to the moment it is returned to place. Now canvases are delivered to Kaliningrad by plane, but in the future they will sail by sea, by ferry. According to the chief curator, the Tretyakov Gallery is planning another project in the exclave in August, a larger one, which will present large-format works that simply won’t fit into the dimensions of an aircraft hatch.

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