A participant of La Voz Argentina said that she was a victim of abuse: "Music saved my life"

The jury continues adding figures to each of their teams. Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastorutti, Mau Y RickyY Ricardo Montaner they listen carefully to all the voices that are presented in the blind auditions. During the night of Monday, there were great surprises, unexpected compliments and a resemblance that caught everyone’s attention.

The person in charge of opening the evening was Emilia Soler, a young woman who performed “At Last” and who with her number managed to make all the musicians turn their chairs. Very excited, the participant exclaimed: “Sorry, I’m about to start crying, I can’t believe it! I would love to be able to dedicate myself to music, now it is like a hobby, but it is the dream of my whole life, there is no plan B”. Faced with that, Lali commented: “You basically broke it, how can I not love you on my team? You are the dream combo for any of our teams.” In her turn, Sole pointed out: “I imagine there is a lot of effort. There is one thing that also attracts me, that you are like a bell of joy, I like that, because you have all the possibilities. You have an impeccable voice, I felt that you gave yourself completely to the song, and that is super important”. Finally, Emilia decided to go to the team Lali and the singer approached her with a curious award: “I was retreading things from the channel, I give you a Martín Fierro, you deserve it! Thank Aptra, and long live fiction! After handing her a replica of the award, she hugged the contestant and headed back to her chair.

Next, came to the stage The Argentine VoiceAlexis Pey, a model and actor who did “Stop crying”, but none of the jurors were interested. When the chairs turned around when the number ended, everyone noticed the attractiveness of the participant, and Esposito told him: “The truth is that you brought a very cool proposal, with all due respect, but the decisions were not wise, none was going to a Good end”. and in a fun sincericideLali added: “I think I want to tell you a lot of things and I can’t accommodate the ideas because you’re so cute.” For her part, Sole observed: “I liked your voice a lot, there were moments of misunderstandings with the tuning, but what happened to you here, happens to most of us, it’s not serious. What did not connect with me is that I felt that maybe you did not give it your all. Very grateful, Pey left, while laughing, Lali shouted her phone number.

Another of the most important numbers of the night featured a singer named Naiquen Galizio, who She said that she was a victim of abuse when she was a girl. The participant was asked about how her relationship with music began, and the young woman said that she went through this difficult personal moment thanks to her love of singing.

She did “Yo, mistress of the night”, and Montaner did not hesitate to quickly turn around, but Sole, determined to keep that voice in her team, also turned her chair and blocked her partner. In this way, she stayed with Naiquen, and told him: “You reminded me a lot of Lucía Galán, it’s very difficult to sing like that, and you did it super well. I’m surprised at how old you are, and the repertoire you chose too”. When telling her story, Naiquen reflected: “I’m 32 years old, and I started singing in a choir when I was very young, in Lincoln. In my adolescence I went through very ugly things, and music saved my life. Moved, Montaner and Sole approached her, hugged her, and Pastorutti told her: “You did very well, you are a fighter, and I think this is a place where you will feel fulfilled, and we will all give you a lot. sweetie”.

A native of Venezuela, Julio García sang “Thinking Out Loud” and conquered most of the coaches, with the exception of Lali. As they watched, they couldn’t help noticing the contestant’s remarkable resemblance to Ed Sheeran. At the time of return, Ricky commented: “I want to tell you that at first, the guitar was out of tune, but I feel that despite that, your voice is a bastard.” In his turn, Mau added: “The instrument, what it does is distract you, and I am excited to know that in the next stage, they will take away your guitar so that you can perform in an extraordinary way with your voice.” When choosing, Julio decided to join the team Montaner.

Another participant named Luzía Cavallini did “Pétalo de sal” and her number interested the juries. In the return, Mau said that it was inevitable for him to press the button, and Montaner stressed: “I would love to be able to contribute to your work from experience. Mau and Ricky are more talented, but I have experience and would love to put it to work for you. To tell you that personally, you have the perfect picture of an artist who is born and who is going to become a wonderful star. You deserve to have the best.” Finally, the young woman chose the Mau and Ricky team.

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