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A plane made an emergency landing after the pilot went into the bathroom and never came out

It is not known exactly what health problem the pilot of the Easy Jet flight from Heraklion to Edinburgh had in the early hours of Sunday June 12.  (The Scottish Sun).

An airline plane EasyJet had to make an emergency landing at Edinburgh airport, Scotland, after the pilot of the ship felt bad and went into the bathroom. The co-pilot was in charge of bringing the aircraft to the ground, while the passengers pointed out that they never saw the captain of the ship come out of the bathroom, at least until the plane was on the runway, and out of danger.

The plane of the low cost British made the trip EZY 6938 sincethe capital of the Greek island of Creteuntil last Sunday at dawn when the pilot of the ship began to feel bad. Immediately, the first officer of the ship – the position that the co-pilot has in commercial airplanes – requested the airport of the Scottish capital to initiate the protocols for an accelerated landing.

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At 1.20 in the morning, after taking charge of the flight, the co-pilot managed to land the plane. Meanwhile, the pilot remained sick in the bathroom, according to passengers.

The company EasyJet confirmed to the media Britain that, indeed, the plane had reached the ground in an accelerated process, which was in charge of the first officer.

A passenger told the aforementioned media outlet that the co-pilot announced over the ship’s loudspeakers that the captain “had fallen ill”. As the aircraft prepared to make contact with the ground earlier than planned, crews were preparing on the ground to receive it.

It is not known exactly what health problem the pilot of the Easy Jet flight from Heraklion to Edinburgh had in the early hours of Sunday June 12. (The Scottish Sun).

The same passenger on the flight HeraklionEdinburgh he told the British outlet: “The captain was seen going into the bathroom and not coming out.”. Then he recounted the landing procedure: “The plane was met on the runway by five fire trucks and two ambulances.”.

“The co-pilot, looking very young, announced that the emergency landing was due to the captain falling ill. It is unknown if the captain returned to the cockpit to land, but he was not seen to do so.”he added.

Also, this same passenger, who did not want to be identified, indicated that the co-pilot had said, upon leaving the plane, that they had been on duty for about 13 hours. “On leaving Edinburgh for Crete, the aircraft had been removed from the apron and remained there for 45 minutes awaiting airway clearance before taking off. And the same thing happened on the flight back to Edinburgh from Crete, ”added the improvised chronicler of the flight.

For its part, the company EasyJetthrough its spokesman, informed The Scottish Sun that, in effect, “flight EZY 6938 requested an accelerated landing on June 12 because the captain felt unwell while approaching Edinburgh”.

“The first officer landed the aircraft in accordance with standard operating procedures and the paramedics they met the captain upon arrival. The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is always EasyJet’s top priority.”

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