A psychologist examined the disturbing drawings by Lucio Dupuy: "They had no eyes or legs"
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As the trial progresses the crime of Lucio Dupuyadded new evidence of signs of abuse and mistreatment that the child under 5 years of age would have expressed through their quirky illustrationswhich caught the attention of the expert Lorraine Roger. The specialist confirmed that the nene, through his drawings, expressed his desperate condition as a victim.

The faces without eyes would have as background domestic violence than the young “He didn’t want to see, or that they made him see and he didn’t want to see”explained the psychologist who is investigating the case that shocked La Pampa.

“And drawings without legs for the violations he suffered for a long time“, observed Lorena Roggero.

Faced with this, he questioned What were the selection criteria for the drawings? attributed to the victim, in addition to demanding explanations on how the expert determined when they were made.

Abused and beaten, Lucio Dupuy cried out for “help” through his drawings

Magdalena Espósito Valenti and Abigail Páez, the defendants for the brutal crime of Lucio Dupuy

Next, Lorena Roggero stopped at the personality of the defendants Magdalena Espósito Valenti (Lucio’s mother) and Abigail Páez.

“Lucio was considered an obstacle in the relationship, they did not want to be mothers, they have traits of perversity and they reject men”indicated the professional, who on the other hand stressed that both “are imputable and that they understand the criminality of their acts.”

During the course of the hearing, they also made themselves known audio conversations among the defendants, through whom it was learned that They supplied ice to the minor to reduce inflammation of the blows to the head.

The audios also alluded to the excuses that they would make in the child’s garden to justify their absence, or to avoid meetings with their classmates. They would also have agreed that the baby would not go to the grandmother’s house, that is, the mother of Valenti, Lucio’s father.

The coroner who performed the autopsy on Lucio Dupuy said that he was killed with a “fierce beating”

The shocking murder of Lucio Dupuy

Lucio Dupuy was taken by Abigail Páez on the night of November 26, 2021 to a health post, but since he could not receive care there, he was transferred to the Evita Hospital in the city of Santa Rosa, where the child died.

From then on, the complaint was made known by the boy’s father who referred to the ill-treatment that the little boy received from his mother and her girlfriend, and that they did not even let him or his family see him.

Later they became known complaints from neighbors of the defendants, who assured that the minor was savagely beaten by them, that they also inflicted burns and bites on him, and also hit his intimate areas.

As part of the evidence are the messages that were sent between them as well as from other people who spoke about the ill-treatment received by the little boy who, on repeated occasions, they made him miss the garden because of the marks he had on his body and so that all the torments he suffered would not come to light.


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