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As we reported earlier, a fire broke out on Tuesday afternoon in the roof structure of the Zárda Street building of the Váci Mihály Catholic Primary School in Nagykáta. The structure of the building was so weakened that its facade collapsed. The principal of the school ordered an extraordinary school break for Wednesday.

In a Facebook post, Nagykáta city management explained what steps the municipality took in relation to the incident. As it was written, the leaders of the municipality acted from the first moment based on the instructions of the service commanders in charge of the site. A hothouse was opened in the cultural center for the residents displaced from the Zárda Street apartment building and for all those involved. They also informed that the relevant authorities have started an investigation into the fire, but it will take longer to find out what caused the fire.

They added: the municipality and the school’s management and management will discuss on Wednesday how to continue the education of the children attending the Zárda Street school and what to do next. Classes are expected to resume on Thursday. The representative body will hold a meeting in possession of the available information.

I would like to rebuild as soon as possible

Mayor Gábor Dorner wrote that parliamentarian György Czerván was informed about the situation on the spot. The municipality and the representative will do everything in order to create the conditions for the reconstruction of the school as soon as possible, emphasized the city leader.

Together with the KÁTA Foundation, our municipality organizes a collection to support the reconstruction of the school and to replace the children’s valuables left inside. We will contact you soon with the details and the account number of the collection

– wrote Gábor Dorner at the end of the post.