Scarcity and hunger: what is coming

VERY LITTLE did they know the actions presented yesterday by Andrés Manuel López Obrador in favor of clean energy and against climate change at the international forum organized by Joe Biden.

FOR SAMPLE, the 2 billion dollars that it promised to invest – it has yet to be fulfilled – in reducing Pemex’s methane emissions contrasts with the 9.8 billion dollars that the Dos Bocas refinery is costing and the additional 600 million spent on the purchase of Deer Park.

IT IS CLEAR that the commitment of the Mexican government is for fossil fuels, those that just yesterday the Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, harshly criticized, saying that their use makes no political or economic sense.


A RED SPOTLIGHT was lit in the Valle de Bravo region in Edomex, where organized crime is diversifying in a worrying way.

SOME builders who have been developing projects in that tourist area for years say that, from one day to the next, suppliers of materials such as sand, gravel and rod told them that they could no longer supply them and gave them the phone number of who they had to “fix” .

AND THAT, under the pretext of inflation, the new vendors are charging them more for their materials, warning them that it is not in their best interest to buy from anyone else. That’s how brave Valle is getting.


HAPPY since Thursday those who support Claudia Sheinbaum for Morena’s presidential candidacy, since the head of government will be able to show off announcing works in the area of ​​the Azteca Stadium that will host the FIFA World Cup.

AND SINCE no popper wants to be left behind, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard quickly launched into saying that Mexico wants to organize another Olympic Games and settled in the front row to start the negotiations if his boss says yes.

AT THIS STEP, it would not be strange for Adán Augusto López to say these days that he is in contact with the FIA ​​to organize the Formula 1 Villahermosa Grand Prix, or for Ricardo Monreal to announce his intention to bring the ATP Masters to Zacatecas.


FIRST ACT: 11 armed people are killed by state and federal forces in Edomex.

SECOND ACT: Among the bodies is a spider monkey disguised as a hit man!

THIRD ACT: it is reported that the animal was a pet of one of the criminals to whom, to his long list of crimes, animal cruelty can be added.

HOW was the work called?: “La Neta de los Apes”.

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