A retiree was savagely beaten with a shovel: a bottle and tools were stolen

A brutal beating attack suffered a retiree in the city of Trelew. Two criminals entered his house while he was sleeping and beat him with a shovel until he passed out. A bottle and tools were stolen.

As the victim recounted, while he was in the hospital, the robbers beat him until he lost consciousness. Once he recovered, with injuries to his face and neck, he managed to ask his neighbors for help and call the police. Once the troops showed up, he was rushed to the hospital and remained under observation for several hours.

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For his part, the accidental chief of the Third police station, and deputy commissioner Maximiliano Silva, said that the man suffered damage to the maxilla and the septum.

Regarding the robbery, the agent commented: “The subjects entered, one of them took a blunt element and hit him in the face and head, causing him to lose consciousness.

He also explained that the victim’s home was very precarious and that there were no items of value for the criminals to take. “It must have been random, they must have taken advantage of the fact that the house lacks security,” explained the commissioner in dialogue with Radio 3 Cadena Patagonia.

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