A slice of cake could soon cost a thousand forints

The price of a scoop of ice cream already ranges from 350 to 450 forints – this is what the professional president of the Hungarian Confectionery Industry Board told Portfolio. According to Balázs Erdélyi, the income from the sale of ice cream is still vitally important in the operation of most pastry shops, as they form a reserve for the times when they only sell cakes.

In the past, the price of an average cake was roughly the same as the price of two scoops of ice cream. It seems that this is the same nowadays, since if we start from the price of ice cream, then the price of a cake should be between HUF 700-900, which is about right.

said the president.

THE page according to his report, there are cakes cheaper than this, but modern, international confectionery products can only be offered for well over a thousand forints. Balázs Erdélyi believes that due to the weekly rising raw material and energy prices, there will definitely be a price increase for confectionery products this year.

The expert also talked about how, in order for a business to work well and make cakes worth making, they should be sold at Viennese prices, i.e. for 4-5 euros (1,500-2,000 forints), but they can only sell them for that price in a few places in Hungary. According to him, the price of cakes this year will exceed the psychological limit of HUF 1,000, but even so, you only have to pay half as much for them as in Austria.

The price increase is palpable, and after the raw material prices and costs have continued to rise in recent weeks, we can expect a further increase in the price of bread, which may also rise above HUF 1,000 per kilo.

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