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A volunteer soldier of the Army had to be hospitalized urgently in a hospital in the province of Corrientes after presenting complications after an exercise routine, in the delicate context of the recent death of Second Lieutenant Matías Ezequiel Chirino, 22, after participating in an “initiation party”.

The incident would have taken place in the Communications Battalion 121 of Mercedes. Preventively, the Argentine Army ordered a Military Justice action to determine “if there was abusive treatment” against the young man.

The young soldier, identified as Marcelo De La Sota, is a native of the town of Curuzú Cuatiá and had to be urgently transferred to the Fernando Irastorza Hospital due to kidney failure.

They investigate in Corrientes the death of an Army second lieutenant during an initiation ritual

According to the local media EpochRadio FM Total reported that the victim, a member of the NIB (Basic Instruction Core)would have suffered serious injuries as a result of the mistreatment he received from his superiors.

However, other local media indicated that the young man had a pre-existing conditionwhich was not informed at the time of his admission and caused his health complications after the exercises.

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The case acquired resonance after the death of Matías Ezequiel Chirino, an Army second lieutenant during an initiation ritual

Another case of abuse?

After being checked and remaining for a few hours under observation, the young man was dischargedwhile the Army preventively ordered an action to determine if there was abusive treatment from the instructors.

The instructors were separated from their activities until the case is clarified.

The statement issued by the force states that “the authorities of the division ordered a Military Justice Action as a preventive measure to establish whether the youth may have been subjected to abusive treatment by the sub-instructors and the separation of said personnel was ordered,” they clarified.


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