Boat crash in the Delta 20220805

A boat running at full speed through the River Luján collided and split a boat in two of four workers in the town of Saint FerdinandThis Thursday around 8:00 p.m. At the close of this note, Nava PrefectureHe found two lifeless bodies in the water that were both missing after the impact.

This is a crash against four people who were rowing back from an island in the Delta and were surprised by a sports boat that crossed it from end to enddividing it in two before the ferocity of the blow.

Brutal crash in the Rio Luján.

Two of the occupants of the boat were rescued by the Prefecture, after being injured, while the other two people were found dead after an intense search.

According to what was reported by TelamThe injured were identified as Sixto Quiroga 29 years old and Claudia Veronica Castro of 35. They were then transferred to the Petrona V de Cordero Hospital. The two people found dead by the authorities in the river are Martin Castro 33 and Sergio Duarte of 30.

Boat crash in the Delta 20220805
Boat crash in the Delta.

The boat driver was drunk

The seriousness of the accident took on a greater dimension when a breathalyzer test was carried out on the driver of the boat, where the result was positive for 1.92 grams of alcohol in blood. His companion also blew and gave 1.90 grams.

Boat crash in the Delta 20220805
The police in San Fernando, after the brutal clash in the river.

According to Law 24,449 on traffic and alcohol consumption, it is prohibited for “any type of vehicle” to circulate with more than 500 milligrams (0.5 grams) of alcohol per liter of blood.

The opacity of the night made it difficult to search for the two missing men, but the Prefecture continues with the operation to try to locate the other two occupants of the boat who have not yet appeared.


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