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A teacher’s story becomes a book, with merit for "to discover" Almir Sater

Aline Figueiredo is an important figure in the art scene of Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso.  (Photo: Publicity/Rodrigo Vargas)
Aline Figueiredo is an important figure in the artistic scene of Mato Grosso do Sul and Mato Grosso. (Photo: Publicity/Rodrigo Vargas)

Art critic, award-winning writer, professor and founder of artistic institutions, Aline Figueiredo, 76, is one of the most important names in the art of Mato Grosso do Sul and also in Mato Grosso, where she lives today. Among her encounters that formed the cultural scene of the region, even the “discovery” of Almir Sater is attributed to her.

With the remake of the soap opera Pantanal, one of the stories of how the singer revealed himself in the song emerged again. In a narrative told by Aline, in her biographical book, written by journalist Rodrigo Vargas, she remembers that she introduced young Almir to the Campo Grande music scene, as a teacher.

Scene from the soap opera Pantanal with Almir Sater and his son, Gabriel Sater.  (Photo: Publicity)
Scene from the soap opera Pantanal with Almir Sater and his son, Gabriel Sater. (Photo: Publicity)

Entitled “Aline’s Purpose”, the book recounts the dialogue that took place in the mid-1970s and that would become an important memory resumed in 2022. After giving one of her classes in the auditorium of the then Lúcia Martins Coelho Educational Center, in Campo Grande, Aline was sought out by Almir, who was her student.

“I really like your classes, teacher, but my business is music, you know? Could you help me?”, the young man would have said. Directly, as she continues today, the teacher was willing to help Almir and agreed that he would meet “a house full of musicians”.

And, according to what is narrated in the book, this is how Almir met the traditional Espíndola family, made up of musicians and artists, entering the cultural milieu of the region. At the time, Aline was Humberto’s partner, a painter and draughtsman.

Aline currently lives in Cuiabá and continues to work with culture. (Photo: Publicity/Rodrigo Vargas)

Telling about her history with the art scene of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, Aline argued that Almir was just a part of her long history. She confirms that, in fact, she met the artist at a young age and that she even introduced him to Nhecolândia, taking him to her family’s farm in the Pantanal.

And, he points out that, even if he likes the singer and considers that he is talented, he will not spend his days talking about him or agreeing that his story revolves around these events.

weight history

Having a long and weighty trajectory, Aline’s story was recreated through the words of journalist Rodrigo Vargas. Launched in September of last year, the work tells part of the moments of art criticism in a chronological way.

Humberto Espíndola next to his then companion, Aline. (Photo: Archive)

Born in Corumbá, Aline was responsible for holding the First Painting Exhibition of Artists from Mato Grosso in 1966, in Campo Grande. She founded the Mato-
Grossense de Artes, graduated in Law, and together with Humberto Espíndola, prepared the project for the Museum of Art and Popular Culture in Cuiabá.

Part of the technical staff of UFMT (Federal University of Mato Grosso), she implemented the Cultural Foundation of Mato Grosso, created the Ateliê Livre, Salão Jovem Arte Mato Grosso and the State Pinacoteca. Since then, she has written books, continued teaching courses and fostering culture.

As Rodrigo explains, the book is an introduction to Aline’s universe. “I don’t consider it a biography because to be one, it would need to be about four volumes”, he explains.

Delighted with the teacher since he met her, the journalist narrates that the idea of ​​turning Aline’s life into a book came about in 2020 and was made possible by the Aldir Blanc Law. “It was a fantastic experience working with her. We had daily meetings that sometimes lasted all day. The book ended up becoming a survey of the cultural scene that helped to constitute Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul,” he says.

In addition to being a book, Aline’s life has become a documentary. (Photo: Publicity/Rodrigo Vargas)

Along with the book, a documentary was also directed by the journalist, but there is still no release date.

Published by Editora Entrelinhas, the book is available by clicking in this link. A teaser for the documentary can be seen below.

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