A theatrical statuette was awarded in Yaroslavl "Fedor"

The XIII All-Russian Youth Festival “The Future of Theatrical Russia” has opened in Yaroslavl and, within its framework, the All-Russian Actors’ Labor Exchange. The performances will be watched, judging by the tickets sold, by almost 7.5 thousand spectators.

This year, more than 400 senior and graduate students of theater universities and colleges from 13 regions of the country came to their theatrical review: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Voronezh, Saratov, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Barnaul , Simferopol. The future stars of the stage will play 25 performances on four stages, and at the same time they will demonstrate their talents to the “merchants” who came here – representatives of more than twenty Russian theaters.

– A truly unique thing is happening here – here young people are charged with vitamins for their entire future lives, – Sergei Puskepalis, artistic director of the Fyodor Volkov Theater, emphasized at a press conference, demonstrating to the audience a ripe orange orange – the symbol of the festival. – The most important and touching moment for us is when, after the performance we have played, we say: “Let’s sit down on the track”, the guys sit on the stage of the first Russian theater, they are in tears … These impressions remain with them for life.

According to the artistic director of the theater (where Boris Mezdrich created BTR fourteen years ago), thanks to the fact that the initiative born here found support in the Ministry of Culture, today it “acquires new functional, very useful things.”

– I mean the All-Russian Actor’s Exchange, – explained Puskepalis. – It’s just some kind of gift, because the rectors of theatrical universities understand: teaching is one thing, but how to get a job for graduates later is quite another.

The rector of GITIS, Grigory Zaslavsky, agrees that the exchange should give “the maximum number of chances for the employment of graduate actors.”

“We really hope that graduates of not only provincial theater institutes, but also capital ones, will also understand that for them the exchange is an opportunity to get a job in interesting provincial Russian theaters, and sometimes become famous much faster, too,” said the rector of GITIS.

Representatives of casting agencies, artistic directors, chief directors and theater directors of the country who have come to Yaroslavl and are interested in replenishing their acting troupes, will be able to see theater youth “in action” until May 17 inclusive and offer some of the novice actors a job. And after May 17, the exchange will switch to an online format and will operate year-round.

– Last year, at the festival, we held the acting exchange events in an experimental mode, and as a result, the guys received about 50 job offers. We realized that all this is very necessary, and there is a huge demand, ”said Pavel Skvortsov, coordinator of the All-Russian Actors Exchange project. – This year, thanks to the cooperation between GITIS and the Volkovsky Theater, we were able to receive a grant for the implementation of the online platform. Our team will constantly work out applications from actors and theaters.

– In fact, I, probably, like no one else, understand the importance of what is happening here, – admitted Nonna Grishaeva, an actress who participated in the opening of the festival, artistic director of the Moscow Regional Youth Theater, who is gaining a course at the Faculty of New Directions of Performing Arts of GITIS this year. – After all, this is to some extent matchmaking. You have goods, we have a merchant. And since I am not only the artistic director of the theater, but also the artistic director of the course, I have the opportunity to be on both sides. Every year in May, my phone goes off because the artistic directors of other courses and universities ask me to look at their students, and in a year I myself will be in the role of a seller, so what is happening here is, of course, a huge and very important thing. I very much hope that next year I will be lucky enough to bring our course with a graduation performance to Yaroslavl and also perform successfully.

By the way, this year for the first time diplomas are awarded at the BTR festival. One – in the nomination “For Honor and Dignity” for theater teachers and three – in the nomination “Festival Event”. As the organizers explained, there is no specifics, the form of the second nomination is open. This event can be a wonderful acting ensemble, the best performance, the best male, female roles, and so on – everything will be decided based on the results of the shows. The main thing is “to be bright and talented.”

But the first laureate in the history of the festival in the nomination “For Honor and Dignity” has already become People’s Artist of Russia, laureate of the Golden Mask Prize, honorary citizen of the Saratov Region, student of Oleg Efremov, theater teacher Rimma Ivanovna Belyakova. She was sent to Saratov a figurine with the outlines of the Yaroslavl monument to Fyodor Volkov, which was created by the Yaroslavl decorator Alexei Talanov.

– We call this prize “Fedor”. There is an Oscar, and this is Fedor, – Sergei Puskepalis presented a new award.

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