A victory for Giorgia Meloni would end the Franco-Italian honeymoon

A few months ago, between the two neighbors, everything seemed to be going for the best in the best of worlds. On November 26, 2021, Mario Draghi and Emmanuel Macron signed the “Quirinal Treaty”, a kind of bilateral pact supposed to ratify a long-term alliance between French and Italians. Once rivals, the two countries seemed to have become best friends with the rise to power of Mario Draghi.

Because during the short reign of the former ECB President, who ruled Italy from February 2021 until last month, “Rome and Paris have championed common causes on the international stage, whether to cap the price of gas or to forge a consensus to help Ukraine at war”, remember Politico.

The specter of the elections at the end of September

The news site even ventures to speak of a “honeymoon” between Macron and Draghi. A duo who seemed able to replace the sacrosanct Franco-German couple at the head of Europe, at a time when the agreement between the new German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and the tenant of the Élysée was not still well put together.

But unfortunately for Paris, thanks to yet another political crisis, including Italy

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