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A resolution of Formosan Ministry of Educationknown as “Assisted Promotion”, caused controversy after the decision was made official to allow students who owe up to 19 subjects they can pass the grade. Even if the teacher indicates which subjects the student has failed, this would not prevent them from enrolling in the next year.

“The Ministry of Education intends to save situations of learning not obtained by the students in the pandemic, only with successive instances of evaluation, without giving answers to the due teaching”, they maintained from the Self-Summoned Teachers Guild. Through a statement, they pointed out that the measure is “a whirligig with only one option, ´Pasan Todo´“.

There is concern about the low number of class hours

“This flexibility, which can be nice for parents and students, it is doubly harmful”, he alerted. At the same time, they stated: “It harms the one who accumulates previous subjects since it only provides instances of evaluation and no support spacesof recovery with face-to-face classes and qualified teachers in the owed or previous subjects.

“It also harms those who do not owe subjects and are studying, because their teachers will take them out for the examining tables in order to achieve approval for existence. While they are being examined, they are not studying either,” he continues. Then he throws: “It arises a ‘Let’s make sure everything is fine’“.

Luis Basterra, Minister of Culture and Education of the province of Formosa.

What does the measure of the Ministry of Education of Formosa say

Administrative provision No. 1953/22 taken by the portfolio led by the provincial minister louis basterra (former Minister of Agriculture of the Nation), published in the Official Gazette formoseño last May 2, allows the student can study in 2022although it owes materials since 2020. In that year the covid-19 pandemic and, consequently, the beginning of the virtual classes.

In detail, the letter allows the boys to have prior all the subjects of the cycle that they had to pass in 2020, but they may also owe three subjects from 2021 and another three that they could owe from previous years. In this way, they could spend the year with up to 19 previous subjects.

Criticism of the teachers’ union: “They hide the statistics'”

In this sense, the general secretary of the Self-summoned Teachers’ Guild, Nilda Beatriz Patino, indicated that although they are owing matters in the bulletin, it will be promoted as “assisted promotion” and indicate that it is “because even if the teacher says that he did not pass, pass grade to recover”.

Nilda Beatriz Patiño 20220505
Nilda Beatriz Patiño, Guild Secretary of Self-Summoned Teachers.

“We have students who graduate from primary school without knowing how to read or write and that is passed on to secondary school. It is given a nice name like ‘accompanied trajectory’ and it is that he did not reach what he has to reach and went to another degree, ”explained the unionist to the media Worldview.

Lastly, he pointed out that “there is a group of boys that did not receive a response to any of the calls and they deserve a response from the state of what they suffered in the pandemic.”statistics are hidden as if that could solve the problem of kids being scammed,” he concluded.

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