A woman threatened to kill a preceptor who made her son clean the floor

A woman insulted, threatened to kill and tried to physically assault a preceptor of a school in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, because he had forced the students to clean the sidewalk. According to local media, the teacher was in charge of the young people in the physical education class and, since they had dirty the sidewalk with paint, he forced them to leave everything as it was.

The conflict took place in Municipal stadium, where students from the Polivalent secondary school do physical education. It all started when the physical education teacher noticed that the students had dirty the sidewalk with paint and notified the preceptor in charge. Faced with this situation, the woman decided to ask the boys to clean the place.

As the boys did not want to clean, a struggle began between the students and the teaching authority. Later, when the relatives of a student arrived, the woman was attacked and threatened.

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according to medium The sand, one of the students told the preceptor that he had an eye problem, so she decided to call the young man’s mother. When she arrived, she blamed the preceptor that her son had gotten bleach in her eye. “You already take him to a medical center, now I’m going to beat the crap out of youIt’s your fault,” the student’s mother threatened.

Faced with this situation, the teacher was very affected and decided to file a criminal complaint which is in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes against People, which issued a restriction on the approach of the boy’s mother to the tutor.

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