A World Cup marked by complaints and boycotts
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Qatar 2022 is not Argentina 78, but it is somewhat similar: months before starting, it accumulated complaints, there are figures who will not travel in rejection of the systematic violations of human rights, boycotts, awareness campaigns and artists who refuse to join a party that tries to cover up the horror. Of course, today the ball begins to roll and the world goes on pause, but the claims will be registered as the B side of an inexplicable World Cup.

For the opening ceremony this afternoon there were artists who rejected lucrative offers to participate. British singer Dua Lipa not only refused, but she made it clear that she will not travel to Qatar until human rights are respected. Veteran Rod Stewart took a similar stance: He didn’t accept the invitation or the million dollars he was offered.

The popular streamer Ibai Llanos was more vehement when he rejected the proposal to travel to the World Cup together with the Spanish National Team: “It doesn’t come out of my balls to do it and I’m not going to do it,” he confessed to his thousands of followers on Twitch.

Gestures of repudiation came from all sides. England captain Harry Kane will wear a rainbow armband to his matches to draw attention to gay rights. Hummel, the brand that dresses Denmark, designed a shirt in which the shield and logo are barely visible.

There is more: the teams from England and Germany arrived in Qatar on two “inclusive” planes in support of the LGBTIQ+ community and in repudiation of homophobia within the Qatari state. The aircraft are called Rain Bow, from the Virgin Athletic company, for the colors of the flag of sexual diversity, and Fanhansa, a brand of the Lufthansa company, under the slogan “Diversity Wins” in support of equality between people. And the United States delegation decorated their bunker with the colors of the LGBTIQ+ pride flag.

There were even fans who proposed a boycott. Two weeks ago in the German stadiums of Borussia Dortmund, Hertha Berlin and Bayern Munich they displayed giant flags to invite fans not to join even watching the games on television.

From within, the World Cup was also questioned. Jorge Sampaoli, an acquaintance of the house, did not mince words: “FIFA determined that it should be played in a place where it should not have been played and on a date that should not have been played. All for money, all for business”.

Jurgen Klopp, DT of Liverpool, aimed his darts at the press: “There were many opportunities to denounce them, but many people have earned money for the wrong reasons. We are all guilty, ”he summed up.

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