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Came back The Great He a contestant who had previously been eliminated in his show, and the actor himself was not fully prepared for the turn.

Attila Árpa had already sent Erika home once, but later she became a little unsure about it. The actor admitted to Ramóna Lékai-Kiss that he was thinking based on the wrong aspects when he decided on the lady’s fate, and afterwards he admitted that he thought of Erika several times, whom it might have been a shame to send home. He even mixed up his name with Klaudia’s, after which it became apparent to the contestants how deep a mark the 40-year-old producer left on Árpa.

Erika’s appearance apparently caught the Big One by surprise, who didn’t even understand at first what he was looking for in the crossfire of the cameras, but he was very happy about it anyway.

“The birds chirped that you had some doubts and that you weren’t in a good mood the last few days,” began Erika, whose words were confirmed by Árpa.

“I realized that I may have made certain decisions hastily,” said the actor, who then had a jacuzzi with the old-new competitor, while sharing the ordeal of the past few days with him.

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