Daiana López, Pablo Navarro and Andrea Morales.

The decision was made by the Judge Gardeywho continued with the decision made by the Prosecutor Giunta at the beginning of the process. Jorge Díaz is accused of manslaughter, for being more than one fatal victim.

According to the investigation, it has not been possible to clarify the reasons why the incident occurred last March. When the defendant ran over Daiana Lopez, Pablo Navarro Bermejo and Andrea Morales, the latter died in hospital after several days of hospitalization. While the previous two died on the spot.

Daiana López, Pablo Navarro and Andrea Morales. (Facebook/)

For this culpable homicide, the businessman could face the sentence of 3 to 6 years in prison.

Before the confirmation of the benefit of house arrest, one of the parties of the victims did not agree. The defendant’s lawyers requested the release and dismissal of the case because it was an accident.

From the April 13thwhen Andrea died, the relatives of the victims ask that the man not enjoy the benefit that cost 5 million pesos and be locked up in one of the prison complexes.

Even on the same day that this measure was taken, the relatives of the three young people asked Justice on the street, as broadcast on Facebook Live.

The case of El Challao

The road accident occurred on March 22, after 10 pm at the Av. Champagnat and Regalado Olguín roundabout. When Díaz lost control of his Mercedes Benz C300 and ran over Daiana, Pablo and Andrea who were together after exercising.

The place of the tragedy at the El Challao roundabout (Photo: Orlando Pelichotti / Los Andes)

The place of the tragedy at the El Challao roundabout (Photo: Orlando Pelichotti / Los Andes)

The report indicates that the accident did not occur due to a distraction such as the cell phone while driving. But during the detention 62 year old man weapons and ammunition were found.

Pablo Navarro and Daiana López died at the scene of the accident. Andrea Morales was referred to the Central Hospital with serious injuries and died in the early hours of April 13.

The impact was transferred to the community and the relatives of the young people. They have organized marches, painted where the two people died and continue to demand justice for the victims.

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