According to a study, 6 out of 10 Argentines admit that they are not happy with their lives
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According to a study on Burnout and Happiness promoted by the 21st Century University 6 out of 10 Argentines admit that they are not happy with their lives. Stress, frustration and economic levels are the most relevant variants of this analysis.

This year it was observed that only 40.2 percent are satisfied with their lives. They perceive that they are making progress in these vital goals, while 60 percent do not feel satisfied,” the Doctor of Psychology, CONICET researcher and Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Research and Postgraduate Studies at the Siglo 21 University, told this outlet. Leonardo Medrano.

According to survey data, it is observed that only 42.9 percent feel they have achieved the important things and only 32.8 percent are satisfied with most aspects of their lives.

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“The happiest people are those who proactively, intentionally carry out activities that they know will generate well-being,” Medrano said. “Well-being is not something that happens randomly to peopleIt’s something that you have to look, and in general it was observed that they do activities that promote positive emotions“. These activities are those that “promote social relationships, doing activities with which one connects and that have a purpose, produce higher levels of happiness,” he reported.

Another piece of data is that 27 percent cannot relax after work. While 27.6 percent find it difficult to start a new working day. Meanwhile, for the professional, the important thing is not to lose those goals or purposes that lead us to improve the quality of life.

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