According to Gábor Gundel Takács, no one's hands are clean

Since the spring, the television journalist has been performing regularly at the scene of the legendary P. Mobil concerts of the seventies, on the side of the Buda Castle, but has not sung yet. There he doesn’t broadcast a match or lead a quiz, much less conversations that interest us all. The Castle Garden Bazaar started in April and will continue with a new event on May 17th Dizziness science is a new series of scientific and educational publications, in which they talk to their guests about the scientific issues that are present in our everyday lives and have a profound effect on the lives of the average person.

It is good to swim freely

The lord of the quizzes loves this job very much and generally feels good:

I have been living my little life as a freelancer again since I left the Hungarian Olympic Committee in April. In truth, this is more for me than a permanent job. We’re about to start filming the next season of Genius, which will be on the ATV show this fall. It was successful, it also got a professional award, its views are good, so we will continue. I’m probably working on the World Swimming Championships in June, and there are a lot of other projects besides – events, so I’m working

– listed the current duties of the presenter.

Gábor Gundel Takács also explained why he is not currently signed to any channel.

“For years, I’ve only signed contracts for certain shows. If they want to work with me somewhere and I think that work is for me, we’re happy for each other. This was hard to accept at first, but it turned out to work quite well.

They don’t have to employ me at all costs as I don’t get a regular salary from them and for the same reason I don’t have to do anything either.

This is basically good for everyone, plus I can stream a football match on RTL and run a quiz on ATV at the same time. I feel good in both genres, I’m glad to be able to do these jobs in parallel. ”

Gábor Gundel Takács admitted that he had never been a fan of the world view only black or only white, and he got into trouble in uniform.

“I’m happy to do what’s good, what I see as meaning, but I’m reluctant to get involved in something I don’t think is a really good idea or for me.

Already in the military, I had a problem asking back: will this be good, Sergeant?

It is better for everyone if there is no renitent in the system who has an opinion that this or that should be done differently. However, when they find a good task, there are almost only mutual benefits. Such is the Dizziness scienceseries in the Castle Garden Bazaar. ”

From robotics to pandemics

The topic of the first conversation in the series was robotics, in which, to the sincere delight of hundreds of spectators, a cheerful robot took part in addition to the professors of the Budapest University of Technology and the Hungarian experts in the everyday use of artificial intelligence.

The next time will be on May 17 at the Castle Garden Bazaar. This time around the pandemic. THE Stay on your feet! his former host asks an evolutionary biologist, a viral scientist, a psychologist about why hitherto unknown diseases appear again and again, what pathogens want, where Covid comes from, and what happens to the human soul, terrestrial societies because of the pandemic.

None of the participants in this show give a bad answer, but it’s about who could disappear altogether in the sinker if we’re not careful.

According to Gundel Takács, the idea for the series was originally sought after by the staff of Várkert Bazár, because they trusted that with the help of his healthy curiosity and presiding experience, a program would be created in which highly qualified professionals could talk about scientific issues that affect us all. He also thinks this is a good idea, which he is happy to take part in.

In addition to the Várkert Bazár team, Gábor Bányai and Csaba Farkas will help create the program. They have previously made such successful shows as Stay on your feet! and that There is a bargain.

The talks take place in the Castle Garden Bazaar, there are also recordings, but what is certain is the charm of the live program, as this is what holds unique experiences for the audience. As with the topic of robotics, at the end of the conversation, the audience can ask the guests anything they want and bring some mysterious tools to the scene, which can be tried out after the performance. There will be a machine, for example, that shows how much everything is left in our hands after we have washed it thoroughly and we think it is very clean now. “Scary sight!” Says the presenter ominously.

The secret laboratory and dirty hands

Due to the thorough processing of the epidemic topic from a new perspective, the show was also shot in Pécs, where a highly recognized virus research laboratory operates at the European level. Gábor Kemenesi, a virus researcher, will also take part in the conversation on May 17, and will also show the recordings made in the area of ​​the Pécs virus laboratory, where only eight people can enter due to the degree of danger.

“I also love that in this series, we bring together scientific experts who work on the same topic in different fields every time. I think they are also interested in these interdisciplinary conversations, ”the presenter adds another point. To the question of whether the excellent experts who have not been in direct contact with each other – this time near Kemenesi, Orsolya Bajer-Molnár, an evolutionary biologist, Beatrix Oroszi, an epidemiologist and psychologist Éva Gyarmathy, are finally stuck, The problem of Covid is being solved in a bazaar, unfortunately he replied that he could not promise this. However, it guarantees that it will be an exciting evening.

(Cover image: Gundel Takács Gábor. Photo: Gombkötő Emma / Index)

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