According to György Szilágyi, Jobbik should have taken action in the sexual harassment case

His partner, who was affected by the harassment, was an employee of Csaba Gyüre, a Member of Parliament, who also helped prepare for the local event. Responding to a question, Szilágyi admitted that he had only filed a complaint with the General Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday, May 3, five months after the harassment incident. They waited so long for him because, on the one hand, his partner needed time to process the trauma, and later the victim started blaming him.

Despite the fact that the harassment was committed by a Jobbik, Szilágyi believes that it is not possible to wash the events with the whole Jobbik.

The impact of such a report during the campaign period was considered and it also influenced what was expected of it. But they really expected the investigation within the party to clarify the matter, but it took an extraordinary amount of time. According to Szilágyi

it is clear that Jobbik should have been involved in clarifying this sexual harassment case a long time ago. “

Jobbik’s vice president didn’t even mention who committed the harassment, but he knows exactly who he is, as he even called him after the incident and said he was so drunk he didn’t know what he was doing or he didn’t remember. because at the event, they might have mixed something into their drink.

He did not make any predictions about Saturday’s re-election and did not describe his relationship with Péter Jakab. He confirmed his vice presidential departure at the congress, but did not give a straightforward answer to what he would do if he did not become vice president of the party from Saturday.

This article is about sexual abuse. Please also read our article on this!

If you or an acquaintance is abused in your relationship, or if you think someone has been trafficked, call the National Crisis Management and Information Telephone Service on the UK toll-free number 06 (80) 20-55-20.

THE OH NO The association’s helpline for abused women and children can be called free of charge on 06 (80) 505-101 every weekday from 6 pm to 10 pm, except on Wednesdays.

(Cover image: György Szilágyi on October 12, 2019. Photo: Csaba Krizsán / MTI)

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