Kuli Orsolya

05.05.2022. 07:27

According to Maria Schmidt, director general of the House of Terror Museum, there is a need to rethink the return to universal conscription, even for women. The historian believes a national consultation on this should be initiated.

According to Mária Schmidt, the task of the Hungarian government is to do everything it can to end the war as soon as possible and to avoid further escalation. And to look for allies. He believes that “as people’s eyes open more and more in the West, new opportunities will arise.”

We must continue to reform health care, education and defense. We need to rethink the recall of universal conscription (both men and women). (It would be worthwhile to launch a national consultation on this.) As we can see, the war has not disappeared from the world, not even from Europe, and is even going on at our borders.

– writes Mária Schmidt, the director general of the House of Terror Museum, appeared in the Guys of Pest opinion article.

According to the historian, the United States is waging war with Russia through the Ukrainians, and its intention is to make Europe a warring party as well. Maria Schmidt believes the Americans want to bring about a change of regime in Russia and the removal of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In a special issue of Index Talker, Schmidt also spoke about the importance of communication in the war and how the war situation can transform European power relations.

(Cover image: Mária Schmidt on May 2, 2022. Photo: Tamás Kaszás / Index)

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