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“The World Cup starts tomorrow. Who will be the winner? I look forward to your tips. Mine in the comments,” Viktor Orbán wrote in the post. The really big surprise only comes when you open the comments to see what the Prime Minister guessed: Viktor Orbán expects Serbia to win the 2022 World Cup.

As we wrote, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will participate as a guest of the International Football Association (FIFA) at the World Cup in Qatar starting on Sunday. At the same time, it is not yet known whether the Prime Minister will be present at the opening match, which starts at 5 a.m. Hungarian time on Sunday.

It will not be easy for Serbia

It can also be seen from the reaction of the commentators that many of them were surprised by the tip, and this is no accident, since Serbia really cannot be said to be the favorite of the tournament. It is also possible that it is a wish-driven tip, because Viktor Orbán has a good relationship with the Serbs. By the way, the Serbian national team is really not a weak team, in the League of Nations, for example, they won their own group with 13 points. However, it will not be easy for them at the World Cup now,

because in their first match, they will play against the World Cup favorite, Brazil.

By the way, the bookmakers pay quite a lot of money to those who dare to bet on the success of Serbia in the World Cup: at the time of writing our article, bet365 has a multiplier of 81 times for the success of the Serbians. This means that they give a roughly 1 percent chance of a Serbian victory.

We also broadcast the developments of the World Cup on Index, you can follow our news about it here.