Accusation of racism: diplomatic clash between Washington and Santo Domingo
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The case continues to generate a lot of ink in the media in the Dominican Republic. Pelegrín Castillo Semán, vice-president of the right-wing Fuerza nacional progresista party writes, Tuesday, November 22, in a daily forum Listin Diario :

“One of the great challenges facing the Dominican Republic – and the countries of the region – is to change our relationship with the United States. He is our mighty neighbor [mais] we are not their colony.”

It all started on Saturday, November 19, from a press release issued by the American Embassy in Santo Domingo which alerts tourists to racial discrimination by the police when entering the country:

“In recent months, travelers arriving in the Dominican Republic have reported being detained, detained or subjected to prolonged interrogations […] by the immigration services because of their skin color.”

The diplomatic representation even gives an emergency number to people who have been victims of such treatment.

The long frontier

The statement angered the government and domestic media

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