Kevin Spacey

American actor Kevin Spacey, accused of sexual assault in the UK, has been released after appearing in a London court.

The 62-year-old actor appeared this Thursday before Westminster Magistrates Court in London at a hearing in which Judge Tan Ikram ruled that there was no risk of escape, as Kevin Spacey collaborated with the police and in the investigation. .

At the hearing, the prosecutor, Natalie Dawson, asked the magistrate to order the actor probation, to surrender his passport and sleep in his residence in London until the next hearing, scheduled for July 14, at Southwark Crown Court, in the south. from London.

Taking into account that Kevin Spacey voluntarily appeared before the Court and that he collaborated in the investigation, the magistrate did not impose any precautionary measure.

The American actor was formally charged on June 13 with the sexual assault of three men.

In a statement, the London Metropolitan Police recalled that the case stems from an investigation by the British Crown Prosecutor Service and refers to four instances of sexual assault between 2005 and 2013, as well as another charge for forcing a person to ” penetrative sexual activity without your consent”.

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