Achieve Guinness Record in the Zócalo with Largest Box Class

CDMX.- Was achieved! This Saturday, Mexico achieved a new record by getting the Guinness record with the Largest Boxing Class in the Zócalo of the capital, which brought together more than 14 thousand people.

Starting at 7:00 this Saturday morning, more than 14 thousand people gathered in the Zócalo of Mexico City to begin with the boxing class, which had as a special guest Andrew Ruiz, and that had Ana María ‘La Guerrera’ Torres, David Picasso and Mariana ‘La Barby’ Juárez as teachers.

We officially broke the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Mass Boxing Class in the Zócalo! The people of Mexico City demonstrating once again that in unity they can do everything”, highlighted the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum.

The Guinness Record in Mexico City was established with 14 thousand 299 peoplesurpassing the one with 3,250 people in MoscowRussia.

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Within the rules, people had to wear a shirt (which were green, white and red), their participant number, be in the same place, follow the instructions of the boxers for 30 minutes in a row and should not use their cell phones. ; there were also two 20-second hydration breaks.

On February 22, the event was revealed to establish a new Guinness Record and also to spread boxing in the country.

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