Action by Animal Rebellion activists at a starred London restaurant
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“They sat at reserved tables and brought out fake menus highlighting the eco-footprint of the restaurant’s a la carte dishes, like the steak [de bœuf] and the calf”, reports The Guardian. On Saturday November 19, around 6 p.m., a group of fourteen activists fromAnimal Rebellion broke into the restaurant Gordon Ramsay, of the illustrious eponymous chef. This British organization campaigns for animal and climate justice, and defends “a plant-based food system”.

Quoted by the British daily, Lucia Alexander, a 39-year-old Briton who took part in this action, believes that this three-star restaurant located in the very chic district of Chelsea is “a perfect example of current inequalities in the UK” :

“While Gordon Ramsay serves meals which cost a minimum of £155 per person [près de 180 euros]more than 2 million people depend on food banks for a living due to a cost of living crisis.”

The association recalls that a plant-based diet “requires 75% less agricultural land” to produce food, which would allow “feeding millions more people”.

London police arrived at the scene half an hour after the start of the action to evacuate the protesters. No arrests were made, but the restaurant remained closed for the rest of the evening. A spokesperson for the gourmet restaurant lamented that the activists had “brought in” in the restaurant, claiming that they had “disturbed staff, hard working” and “ruined the evening for diners who had booked for months”.

Earlier in the week, an Animal Rebellion activist was arrested when she tried to arrest David Attenborough, writer and journalist famous for his participation in numerous animal documentaries, in another starred restaurant in the British capital.

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