American actor Kevin Spacey

American actor Kevin Spacey was formally charged with the sexual assault of three men on Monday and is expected to appear in court on Thursday, the London Metropolitan Police announced.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police recalled that the case stems from an investigation by the British Crown Prosecutor’s Service and refers to four instances of sexual assault, between 2005 and 2013, as well as another charge for forcing a person to “sexual activity”. with penetration without your consent”.

London police have opened an investigation after receiving complaints of sexual assault against the actor, some of which were allegedly committed in the Lambeth area, where the Old Vic theater is located, of which he was artistic director between 2004 and 2015.

The court hearing is scheduled for Thursday at 10:00 am. Kevin Spacey, 62, was targeted in several cases of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior in 2017, in a controversy that triggered complaints with other entertainment figures and was at the origin of the #MeToo movement.

Kevin Spacey, until then a respected figure in American cinema and British theater, winner of two Oscars, ended up being fired from the Netflix series “House of Cards”, and removed from the movie “All the money in the world”, by Ridley Scott, with all the scenes he entered being re-recorded by Christopher Plummer.

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