New accessible ramps and descents in the new transportation system
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Villa Carlos Paz has, since October 29, a nNew urban public passenger transport service, unique in the country, with all units 0 KM, geolocation to know the routes in real time, security cameras connected to the Municipal Monitoring Center and Units adapted for people with reduced mobility.

In addition, the new transport system allows greater capacity in each line and route since the units are larger.

New accessible ramps and descents in the new transportation system (Municipality of VCP/)

New accessible ramps at stops

The Directorate of Public Services of the Municipality of Villa Carlos Paz is working on the cConstruction of ramps to facilitate access for people who use wheelchairs and others for those with reduced mobility. Even these new safe and accessible descents are necessary for the elderly or anyone who gets off the transport, since the units are larger and higher than the previous ones.

“We continue working to provide a quality Urban Transport Service, on this occasion guaranteeing accessibility to all users, with the construction of steps that allow the height between the sidewalk and the transport units to be adjusted, which allows ascending and descending from the them more easily and without complications. On the other hand, flat platforms were built that provide accessibility for people in wheelchairs, guaranteeing accessibility to transport units,” said the Director of Public Services Germ├ín Rivero.

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