After a nightmarish start, the defending French national team had a gala time
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It cannot be said that much good has awaited the defending champions recently, since they have been cursed since the 1994 World Cup – only the Brazilians were able to somewhat defy this, as they reached the finals in 1998 and the quarter-finals in 2006 – both times Zinédine Zidane was there the final station… The others? In 2002, the French came last in the group behind Denmark, Senegal and Uruguay, the Italians were also overtaken by Paraguay, Slovakia and New Zealand in 2010, the Spanish in 2014 by the Netherlands and Chile, and the Germans in 2018 by Sweden, Mexico and South Korea too.

In addition to the superstition, this year’s poor NL form and injuries to key players (N’Golo Kanté, Paul Pogba, Karim Benzema) were not good news for the French.

However, it is true that the Danes, who were expected to be great rivals, immediately stumbled the weakest on paper Against Tunisia, but the Australian fans were also extremely excited by this result – or they are simply in such a good mood by default, as they are now on the subway and during the bus ride to the stadium.

The national team captain Didier Deschamps a Lloris – Pavard, Konaté, Upamecano, L. Hernández – Tchouaméni, Rabiot – Dembélé, Griezmann, Mbappé – Giroud he voted confidence as a starter, and his sons threw themselves into the game lightning fast, especially in the former elements of the two wings, storming away one after the other.

Despite the great pressure, the Australians took the lead in the 9th minute, Mathew Leckie was violent on the right wing, his pass Craig Goodwin arrived at the long range and then shot under the crossbar (0–1).

And the Australians were even more rampant than before the game!

The French had nothing to worry about, as it seems that he suffered a serious injury in the incident Lucas Hernandez, who was replaced by his brother Théo at left back.

The defending champions were not so impressed by the goal, and Dembélé and Mbappé were still in the main role, but without any breakthrough.

Moreover, the second Australian goal was inches away at the end of the half! Mitchell Duke His 22-meter shot narrowly missed the top left corner.

Well, because of this, the French switched to an even higher gear, and in the 27th minute the equalizer came: Antoine Griezmann’s shot bounced into the corner, but after Théo Hernández’s pass, the long-range shot Adrian Rabiot headed the ball back into the middle of the goal (1-1).

If a deal starts… The defending champion remained on the attack, and although Griezmann’s pass was headed over by Olivier Giroud, the leading goal was scored in the 32nd minute. After the attack, the European team won the ball, Mbappé made Rabiot jump with a great corner, who continued to play, Giroud so he could pass into the empty goal (2-1).

A small folk festival began, the “allez les bleus” was heard, and then the waves started, in which even the natives sitting in the stands joined in!

At the beginning of the half, Mbappé, playing in inspired form, could not find the goal in the evening, and on the other side, Jackson Irvine’s header was blocked by the post – after a great first half, they went to rest!

Fortunately, the sides did not take it back in the continuation either, Giroud appeared with a sensational scissors kick, but did not find the goal, and then the French tried more passes and corners, with more or less success.

When Lloris wasn’t yelling at his fans, what happened was what the European team wanted, and the change of rhythm in the middle of the half was followed by another goal: Griezmann’s shot was still blocked on the goal line, and moments later, Dembélé’s pass from the right side Mbappé he already sent it into the net with the help of the goal post (3-1).

This was not the end, there was simply nothing to do with the speed of the 23-year-old PSG attacker, there was absolutely no lack of motivation on the part of the French to be feared, and this soon resulted in another goal: from Mbappé’s pass. Giroud was successful (4-1).

In the first half, Mbappé was the only one who was a little nervous about a botched jump due to bad ball handling, but the Gauls assured their favorite with a quick celebration that they were still quite satisfied with his performance.

In the last minutes, Konaté and Théo Hernández had chances, but the visiting 40,875 spectators could not see another goal.

The defending champion therefore – compared to how poorly the evening started for him – emphasized it with a great game: he must certainly be counted among the main contenders in the future.

France-Australia 4-1
(Rabiot 27th, Giroud 32nd, 71st, Mbappé 68th, or Goodwin 9th)
In the other game of the group
Denmark-Tunisia 0-0

(Cover photo: France-Australia soccer match at Al-Janoub Stadium on November 22, 2022. Photo: Jewel Samad / AFP)