Alberto Fernández walks past the President of the United States, Joe Biden

THE ANGELS.- After the president’s speech Alberto Fernandez At the Summit of the Americas, the United States praised the link with Argentina, said it wants to work with the country to strengthen democracy and the region’s economy, and that having different perspectives on how to move forward “is a normal part of a relationship mature and constructive.

“The Biden administration wants to work with Argentina to strengthen democracy in the region, promote economic reform and sustainable growth, combat climate change and fight the pandemic,” he told THE NATION a State Department spokesman.

Having different perspectives on how to move forward on these issues is a normal part of a mature and constructive relationship.. The United States believes that promoting a strong inter-American system and reinforcing our shared commitments to promote and defend democracy and human rights are essential to the success of the Americas,” she completed.

The message from the Biden government comes after President Fernández’s speech that shook the atmosphere of the Summit of the Americas. Fernández criticized the exclusion of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from the meeting, three regimes that the White House and several regional governments consider dictatorships, and decided to leave them out of the call, in line with the founding charter of the forum, which only allows the participation of democratic governments.

“We definitely would have wanted another Summit of the Americas. The silence of those who are absent challenges us”, Fernández said in his message, in which he also charged against the “blockade” on Cuba and Venezuela, referring to the embargo and the sanctions.

Fernández also said that the Organization of American States (OAS) had been used as “a gendarme that facilitated a coup in Bolivia”, and that the United States had “appropriated” the Inter-American Development Bank during the Donald Trump administration. , who promoted the current president, Mauricio Claver-Carone.

Alberto Fernández walks past the President of the United States, Joe BidenJIM WATSON – AFP

“We started strong,” was Biden’s response when closing the plenary after the message from Fernández, other leaders and the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres. “And despite some disagreements related to participation, on the substantive issues what I heard was almost unity, uniformity,” he completed.

The State Department offered several highlights on the link between the two countries. The spokesman indicated that Argentina and the United States enjoy a positive and mutually beneficial relationshiprooted “in our shared values ​​and interests,” he said.

“Our people, our governments, our universities and our business communities participate in reciprocal exchanges of ideas, perspectives and information for the benefit of both societies and governments,” he insisted.

However, Fernández’s speech raised eyebrows among analysts and in the second official lines. But the new support from the Biden White House for the government of Alberto Fernández and Argentina leaves another proof of the current strength of the bilateral relationship, which the Casa Rosada took care to cultivate. It is also another demonstration of the strong determination of the US administration to seek the best possible relationship with the main countries of the region. Biden also does not have many partners with whom to work in the hemisphere. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador missed Los Angeles. Ivan Duke It is leaving. And his bilateral with Jair Bolsonaro exposed their differences and was visibly uncomfortable.

For the White House, the presence of Alberto Fernández at the Summit was of the utmost importance and a gesture also to Biden, who had to make an effort to save the appointment, another fact that also cushioned the impact of his words.

In the presidential entourage they were very satisfied with the reactions to the presidential speech. They pointed out when asked by journalists that the Biden government was aware of what the main guidelines of the message would be, which Fernández provided on behalf of CELAC. The Government, they indicated, had collected positive reactions to the message.

Fernández himself reinforced that conclusion at a press conference with Argentine journalists who traveled with the delegation, in which he stated that “there were no surprises” in the relationship with the United States.

“I had to speak for CELAC and there I gave my position on what I thought was happening at this summit, in America and where we should go. I’m not going to evaluate what I said, but I think it was a valuable day. At night I had an exchange of good words with President Biden to continue seeing how to continue with this issue. Let’s keep working. Despite the limitations due to the absences that there were, it was a good summit”, indicated the President. “We had no reaction against it. Yesterday I received only words of support, ”he stated.

Biden will receive Fernández at the end of July at the White House, in what will be his first visit to the US capital since he became president. The Government has been working for a long time on that meeting with high-level efforts led by the Secretary for Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Beliz, and the Argentine ambassador, Jorge Argüello.

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