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NEW YORK.- Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, announced on Saturday that will reset the account of former US President Donald Trump, Banned from the social network after the assault on the Washington Capitol in January 2021, while his company is in the focus of global attention for laying off half its staff since it was bought at the end of October and the series of resignations in absentia that followed.

“People have spoken. Trump will be reinstated.” Musk tweeted after knowing the final result of a poll he did to his followers, who by a slight majority voted “yes” to the return of the Republican politician to the platform. After 24 hours, the survey had more than 15 million participants.

The owner of the platform said this Friday that he had not yet decided if he would restore the former manager’s account, after which he decided to start a survey on the same social network open to all users.

This Saturday, Trump has stated that he will not return to Twitter since he prefers to use the platform that he promoted, Trust Social, while pointing out the “serious problems” of Musk’s social network, including fake profiles.

The account of the former US president was closed in January of last year for “incitement to violence” when the company’s owner was Jack Dorsey, after his followers stormed the Capitol. A month later, Trump launched his own network TruthSocial.


The richest man in the world has already made the decision to rehabilitate some accounts that had been banned, such as those of the comedian kathie griffin (who parodied Musk), the psychologist jorden peterson (which criticized a sex change operation) and the right-wing site The Babylon Bee.

But for the former president, he decided to trust the decision of Twitter users. “Vox populi, vox Dei”he wrote, citing the phrase from ancient medieval tradition to the effect that popular or commonly accepted opinions and judgments must or can be held to be true and just. A kind of social populism, where the opinion of the masses decides, not a qualified independent body or ad hoc staff as it was in the pre-Musk era.

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