The Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, admitted the link of a member of the crew of the plane stranded in Ezeiza with a terrorist group

After days of silence combined with suspicions of an “operation” to harm it, the government of Alberto Fernandez yesterday accepted the possible connections with international terrorism of the Iranians who were traveling on the controversial Venezuelan-flagged plane that remains at the Ezeiza airport, with its crew members detained and without passports in a hotel in Canning.

After various ministries insisted that there were no links between the Iranians and the Al Quds force, an arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the Security Minister Hannibal Fernandez admitted that one of the crew, Gholamreza Ghasemi, would have a link with the terrorist group. “Information was received through different channels from foreign organizations that warned of the belonging of part of the crew to companies related to the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard,” the minister said yesterday on Radio Profile.

“The Iranians on the crew would allegedly have ties to the Quds Forcesa division of the Corps of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard specialized in military intelligence operations, defined by the US as a terrorist organization, according to the complaint”, the EFE news agencies reported days ago.

The Quds Forcesa group of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard specialized in intelligence and defined as terrorist by the United States, they are not mentioned in the registry of entities linked to terrorism managed by the Argentine Ministry of Justice. To that group would belong at least one of the five Iranians who are not authorized to leave the country for now and who arrived on a Venezuelan cargo plane, also investigated for possible links to terrorism and which was authorized by the ANAC to land in the international airport of Ezeiza.

In the Public Registry of Entities linked to Terrorism (RePet) appears Ahmad Vahidione of the Iranian leaders wanted by Interpol for his role in the July 1994 AMIA bombing. Vahidi is listed as a commander of Al Quds, an organization from which, according to reports, at least one of the five Iranians who are with his retained passports would be binding. The name Al Quds also appears in the Argentine registry as an alias of the Jund Al Aqsa organization, based in Syria and apparently not linked to the organization considered terrorist by the United States..

In addition to Ghasemi, Mohammad Khosraviarag, Mahdi Mouseli, Saeid Vali Zadeh and Abdolbaset Mohammadi are the names of the Iranians, whose presence on the Emtrasur plane, rejected in its attempt to enter Uruguay, prompted requests for explanations from the opposition and the start of a pending court case.

From the Ministry of Justice, which heads Martin Soria, They affirmed that the RePet feeds on international information defined by the UN. “The list itself are international lists that come from the UN. They are lists that Argentina accepts due to the international commitments assumed and that feeds the RePET payroll”, they commented from that ministry, although they highlighted that the National Registry of Recidivism, related to “local information”, can add organizations or individuals “if there are some request that someone not leave the country and some requirement from a local judge.”

During the day, Migrations and the Foreign Ministry agreed that none of the five Iranians were suspected of terrorist activities. In any case, the head of Immigration, Florence Carignano, ordered a new review of their passports to check their authenticity again. “The surname of some of them (Ghasemi) coincides with a member of the Revolutionary Guard, but it is not the same person,” they pointed out from the Government, where the discomfort and the subtle crossing of accusations continue for the responsibilities in having allowed entry the cargo plane to the country. However, and despite the fact that the Government distrusts an “operation” in which the opposition is involved, the Minister of Security confirmed that one of the crew would have ties to the Quds.

The Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, admitted the link of a member of the crew of the plane stranded in Ezeiza with a terrorist groupCapture Presidency

From some offices they point to the Anac as the entity that “authorized” the plane to circulate through Argentine territory, with a forced stopover in Córdoba due to the fog and final destination in Buenos Aires. “The plane passed through different parts of the world, it even came from Mexico,” emphasize official sources, who also detail that there was an “exhaustive review” of the plane in Ezeiza by the Airport Security Police, “and they did not find anything strange” , according to a high official source commented to this newspaper.

The day before yesterday, the head of AFI, Agustin Rossi, had stated that “when they entered the country, none of the crew members of that plane had any notification that would allow the alerts to be triggered. You have to act with caution. State agencies are acting and the necessary precautions were taken. Obviously, there are sectors that try to magnify the fact”, said Rossi, an argument repeated yesterday by the chancellor santiago cafiero.

The diplomatic representative of Juan Guaidopresident in charge of Venezuela, in Argentina, Elisa Trotta, also asked in dialogue with this newspaper “to pay attention to the Venezuelans who arrived on the plane.” According to unofficial sources, among the 14 Venezuelans who arrived on the cargo plane and who are also still in the country, several pilots from the Venezuelan state aviation company Conviasa appeared, and even a military participant in the 1992 coup d’état with whom the then commander Hugo Chavez tried to come to power.

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