After giving birth to Hanne (K3): this is how she announced her pregnancy to Marthe and Julia
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For ‘K3, one year later’, a camera crew followed in the footsteps of Hanne, Marthe and Julia during their first year together. It was also recorded how Hanne announced her pregnancy to the rest of the girls. “We are going to be aunts”, it sounded enthusiastically.

A week ago, Hanne Verbruggen (28) and her friend Jorne welcomed their first child, son Julien. At K3 she already took a rest to focus on her pregnancy, and until the end of this year she will be replaced by K2 seeks K3finalist Diede. But in the first episode of K3, one year later it’s not that far yet.

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The documentary series follows the girl group from the moment Julia Boschman (20) won K2 seeks K3, and shows how the trio – including Marthe De Pillecyn (26) – experienced their first year together. In addition to rehearsals, clip recordings and the premiere of the Jointour also discusses the announcement of Hanne’s pregnancy. That happened at the beginning of May, during the recording of the TV series K3 friends book. The images show that Marthe and Julia were over the moon. “We become aunts!”

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Hanne also looks back on the first months of her pregnancy. “I still have to get used to it myself,” he said at the time. “I don’t feel much yet and I’m not nauseous either. When we talked about it over the years, I was often the one who said: That cannot be combined with K3. But suddenly I thought: Maybe? We let it come to us and it happened pretty quickly.”

The news certainly came as a surprise to Marthe. “I really didn’t expect it,” she says. “Since Klaasje left, it had not been discussed. But I like it. This is also going to be a bit ‘something of us’.”

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K3, one year later

VTM, Saturday, 7:55 p.m


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