After the ambush of “neutrals”, Vélez accuses the Police and the City Government of Vélez

The fault is always the other. The Vélez leadership throws it at the Police and the security operation; and those who design the operation do the same with the Vélez leadership. The only thing that is certain is that the confrontations between Talleres fans and part of the Liniers club’s barra brava in the middle of the stadium during the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores still have uncertain consequences. More than three days after what happened, seven people are still hospitalized, two in serious condition and one with the possibility of losing sight in one of his eyes.

The president of Talleres, Andrés Fassi, defined what happened as a “massacre” and pinned all the responsibility on the institution chaired by Sergio Rapisarda, now in a labyrinth of statements. While trying to dose an increasingly evident internship within his board of directors, Rapisarda acknowledges responsibility for what happened: “Something was not done well,” he admits.

It is counterfactual, but also highly probable, that if there had been fans of both sides, what happened would have been avoided. At that point there are also crossed accusations: in Vélez they assure that there were no Cordovan fans in Liniers due to the refusal of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires: “We have asked to receive visitors but in CABA they are not accepted,” Rapisarda said yesterday.

However, from the City Government they deny it: “Rapisarda himself asked the Ministry of Security to continue with the same scheme as against River and Students for the Libertadores”, they confided to this newspaper. someone lies Who?

The truth is that Talleres had guaranteed him 11,000 tickets for the second leg but, after the ambush on Wednesday, between the club and the Ministry of Security of the province of Córdoba it was decided that only the local public would attend. The possibility of a revenge by the bar of the T also accelerated that decision.

In the Buenos Aires government they slip that there will be harsh sanctions for the club – at a minimum, the suspension of its stadium – and they anticipate that they already have footage that clarifies part of what happened: twenty barrabravas entered the high south stalls through a closed internal door with a padlock and that it was not enabled. Fassi said that there was a liberated zone and that the bars attacked leaders and relatives of players, for which he promoted a formal complaint. In the Buenos Aires offices they assure that the door through which the violent entered was opened with the complicity of the local leadership, which they also accuse of “delivering tickets in a low way.” That, plus the rogue cards with which dozens of people entered, were the way to avoid entry into the Amalfitani for people who came from Córdoba to encourage Talleres, something that became noticeable as soon as the meeting began: far from maintaining a “neutral” posture, they sang songs of encouragement for Talleres and some even displayed flags and t-shirts. A demonstration that, it became clear, the violent Argentine soccer does not resist.

Measure and referees

To prevent Vélez fans from doing the same as those from Talleres in the first leg (becoming members in the days before to be able to enter the stadium, given the impossibility of entering the visiting public), the Cordovan club announced a measure yesterday: it canceled the possibility to associate through the VIP Ticketing web platform. The procedure can only be done in person, with ID and address in Córdoba.

Talleres had assured almost 11,000 tickets to the visiting party, but due to the incidents that occurred at the Amalfitani stadium, that possibility was suspended. Now, that number of seats has been made available to the local public.

On the other hand, yesterday it was announced that the Paraguayan Eber Aquino will be the referee of the second leg that will define one of the semifinalists of the Libertadores. In the other game that involves an Argentine team, Estudiantes against Athletico Paranaense, the Uruguayan Andrés Matonte will lead.

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