The statement from the Presidential Medical Unit, released tonight
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On his return to the country after the international tour that was marked by his decompensation in Indonesia, Alberto Fernandez He had planned to rest the long weekend in the Quinta de Olivos and then undergo medical studies on the recommendation of the presidential medical unit. But in the last hours the Government confirmed that the check-up, an endoscopy, will be brought forward for tomorrow and will be carried out in a Buenos Aires sanatorium.

In a statement from the Presidential Medical Unitsigned by its owner Federico Saavedra, it was specified that the President will be subjected to “endoscopic controls” after “having suffered digestive bleeding due to erosive gastritis.” The study would be carried out at the Otamendi sanatorium in the city of Buenos Aires and the Medical Unit promised to keep “public opinion informed of the evolution of the president’s health.”

The statement from the Presidential Medical Unit, released tonightnazaré

Fernandez returned to the country after eight days traveling through France and Indonesia -and a brief stopover in Spain-, in a tour that was marked by the impact generated by the decompensation he suffered and the subsequent diagnosis. The focus remained there after the president fainted on Tuesday morning (Argentine midnight) on the paradisiacal island of Bali, where he arrived to participate in the G-20. Replaced by santiago cafieroforeign minister and one of his most trusted men, Fernández could only be present at meetings with the Chinese president, Xi Jinping and with the head of the IMF, Kristalina Georvieva. The rest of the agenda was suspended.

It was also the two most celebrated matches by the Argentine delegation, due to the results they obtained in both. In the meeting with the Chinese leader – to which Fernández attended directly from the Sanglah General Hospital, where he was treated – got a response to the request for extension of the swap, which gives the country the possibility of expanding the weak reserves of the Central. While in the case of the IMF the news celebrated by Argentina was the promise of a new treatment of flight attendants and the possibility of analyzing the impact of the war in Ukraine on the local economy. “He made a superhuman effort to go to Xi Jinping’s”, they would say hours later from their entourage to later add: “That money was needed and Alberto did everything to go. If he did not go, it was canceled ”, they completed.

Fernández’s health episode, which was diagnosed as erosive gastritis with signs of bleeding, it became the disruptive news of a tour that sought to oxygenate the presidential image and put him at the level of a leader who shares spheres with the international elite. But the members of his entourage admitted that the episode altered the interpretation that there was due to the shock and shock of what happened. Including the president himself, who since then went through almost 24 hours of fasting and is now on a strict diet and supervised by the Presidential Medical Unit, which He also recommended that he take this long weekend to be calm and then carry out a series of studies, which would materialize, everything indicates, in the Otamendi Sanatorium. From there there will be more details about your health situation and how you should continue. “You have to wait and see,” summed up a man in the entourage.

President Alberto Fernández met with the director of the International Monetary Fund in Bali
President Alberto Fernández met with the director of the International Monetary Fund in BaliPink House Press

“His health somehow passed the episode, he recovered to go to the meetings and now he is going to have a check-up and continue with the diet and controls, but we are all calm. A lot of tiredness, a lot of stress. Governing is very difficult, and governing with a Macrista heritage, a pandemic and war is much more difficult,” the spokeswoman stated. Gabriela Cerrutti in dialogue with THE NATION, in an attempt to send signals of reassurance.

Fernández’s health also raised questions about how he will continue his routinesince he himself spoke of stress as one of the factors behind his painting. “Stress and nerves have a lot to do with it, the doctors asked me to stop, when we come back we will do more careful studies”, he assured this Wednesday after the incident. In his immediate plans is a trip to Mexico, invited by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), which is now subject to medical review.

Among the members of his entourage, who recently advanced on Wednesday returned to be calmer on the subject, there was a coincidence in believing that what happened is a call for attention. In that sense, although there were those who highlighted that Fernández undergoes medical check-ups annuallyOthers believe that his daily routine, which is far from relaxed, had a strong impact on him. “Power is exhausting, all the presidents had health problems during their tenures,” they said.

Several also alluded to the contradiction that even in the previous days they had seen him better than in other times, due to the diet that had allowed him to lose 10 kilos. “He had been taking very good care of himself, which is why we were also very surprised”, they detailed. Even the morning of the decompensation they had seen it well. Fernández came from positive days in Paris, in which he consolidated his relationship with the French president, Emmanuel Macronwho invited him to participate in the Forum for Peace, which was held on the 11th and 12th in that city.

After his decompensation, Alberto Fernández gave a press conference accompanied by Santiago Cafiero and Sergio Massa
After his decompensation, Alberto Fernández gave a press conference accompanied by Santiago Cafiero and Sergio Massa

Among those who accompanied Fernández, relief could also be seen as the hours and kilometers passed. In the first place, when he saw that the official’s countenance improved and then when after a 16-hour flight he landed in Madrid, Spain, where an almost 15-hour climb was already planned. In Bali, the medical infrastructure in which Fernández was treated was “basic”, as confirmed to this newspaper by a source close to the president. The only thing that reassured the presidential environment during those hours, in which the blood pressure monitor indicated that the president had the alarming figure of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7, was the presence there of Manuel Estigarribiathe doctor he replaced on this trip to Federico Saavedrahead of the Presidential Medical Unit, and who closely followed all the movements that happened more than 15 thousand kilometers from Buenos Aires.

Precisely that distance was another factor of concern, which is why on the same Tuesday the possibility was considered that the entourage would undertake the return that same night. The crew of Aerolíneas Argentinas, who were resting in Yogjakarta, an hour and a half from Bali, had even been summoned because there was no place for the aircraft at the island’s airport since most of the space was occupied by aircraft from other countries. countries. But it was Fernández’s will that kept the original plan.

“The tour was barbaric, first of all because of Xi Jinping, which is something spectacular for the country, but Alberto clouded everything,” summed up a close associate of the president in dialogue with THE NATION.

During an interview with this medium, Foreign Minister Cafiero divided the journey into three parts. “The first is that of France in which both presidents had a close approach with similar views on how to approach foreign policy, but with differences on specific issues, that is, the two do not follow the same road map, but they did show a lot harmony in seeking to understand the gaze of the other. Not only because of the bilateral meeting, which was very good, but because Macron is someone who is incorporating the agenda of the Global South into his vision of foreign policy, where one of the pillars is Alberto Fernández, according to Macron’s perspective, because he is the one who brings the vision of Latin America and the Caribbean. Macron incorporated it when he met Alberto Fernández, not before.

Fernández and Xi Jinping in Bali, during the G-20
Fernández and Xi Jinping in Bali, during the G-20

The second part is “When we got to the G-20, with the participation of the meetings and the question of the President’s health”. And the third part “is that the agenda continued, that the President instructed Massa and me to continue with the agendas that were planned. (some could be continued, others not since it is the presidential agenda and no one can replace it). There were bilateral meetings with Germany, Italy and Saudi Arabia but they couldn’t be held.”

in dialogue with THE NATIONCerruti also evaluated the tour in very positive terms, contemplating the points mentioned by Cafiero, while adding the issue of the candidacy to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) of Cecilia Todesca Bocco, which was another one that went through the tour. “We are happy to have presented a candidate, that she is doing well and that whatever happens in Argentina, she had never done it.”

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