Society calls for justice for Lolo Regueiro.
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This Tuesday morning, the body of Cesar “Lolo” Regueirothe gymnastics fan, was exhumed to carry out a new autopsy that was requested by the victim’s familywho assure that there are certain things “that do not close”.

The relatives of the gymnastics fan They questioned whether the victim’s death was the product of heart failure. In this context, the lawyers representing Marcelo Pena Y Julian Rimada submitted the request for a new autopsy, which was accepted by the prosecutor John Menucci.

as far as he could tell prosecutor established that the study will take place this Tuesday, November 22 at 08:00 in the morningbut the doctors reported that they were unable to perform due to the advanced state of decomposition of the body.

Society calls for justice for Lolo Regueiro. (Twitter/)

Judicial sources in the case told the local media that “The body was transferred with all the security measures and placed in a refrigerated chamber to momentarily stop the degradation process.once that goal is achieved he will be taken to the operating table for a second autopsy.”

We have already proposed an expert witness, the main point of expertise is to determine if there is a possibility that it was a violent death and not due to natural causes.”, said the lawyer Peña.

The statement of the wife of “Lolo” Regueiro

Claudia Nievesthe wife of the gymnastics fan, stressed that There are several things “that do not close” regarding what they told her about the moments in which her husband was transferred from the Juan Carmelo Zerillo Stadium to the health center.

“I saw my husband in the hospital and I didn’t see any blows, nothing. As the people entered, including my daughters, they saw blood on my husband’s head. The doctor who was there, the resident, and the UTOI Police saw my daughter’s hand fill with blood and go to wash it. They make her clean there,” the woman said.

Also, “We noticed that the shirt was very high. Of 50 witnesses at the hospital, 30 saw the patch. I already presented it to my lawyer.”he added. “What are they hiding from me? Both the doctor who treated him and she autopsied him. There he says there is no scratch. We want a new autopsy with an expert witness and a family doctor. I want everything to come to light and that be justice”, Regueiro’s wife claimed a few days ago.

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