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After the resignation of Ingrid Grudke, the cast of Cobra K spoke: “I hope he reconsiders”

Ingrid Grudke spoke with LA NACION about her decision to step aside in the new work by Nito Artaza

“The premiere scheduled for this Thursday, May 12, at 8:00 p.m., at the Premier Theater was suspended until further notice”disclosed yesterday the press office of Cobra Kthe play with which Nito Artaza and a great cast made up of Gladys Florimonte, Victoria Xipolitakis, Guillermo Fernández, Adriana Chaumont and Marcelo Toscano returns to Corrientes Street.

Given the impact of the news, it was immediately known that the decision to postpone the debut had to do with theThe resignation of Ingrid Grudke, one of the attractions of the show, amid a scandal. Apparently, the model was upset with the production of the work, which she accused of not having a “common thread”, in addition to questioning the sanitary conditions in which part of the theater facilities were found.

Ingrid Grudke spoke with LA NACION about her decision to step aside in the new work by Nito Artaza

“We were two days away from debut and there were a lot of things going wrong, especially with production, and I felt uncomfortable working like this. I always put a lot of enthusiasm into everything, but honestly there came a time when I collapsed due to a lot of situations and it was no longer worthy to work in those conditions… The trigger was the disorganization, especially when Nito (Artaza) and Adriana (Chaumont) began to argue in front of everyone, which was from day one. And at one point I said ‘that’s it’”, the model confessed to LA NACION this noon.

Given the media scandal that was generated, part of the cast came out to give their version of the events and warned that this afternoon they will have a definitive answer as to whether or not Grudke returns to the play.Not so much going on. We are there, trying to convince her. The company’s lawyer is intervening,” said Gladys Florimonte. this noon on the mobile of Intruders.

Apparently, among the questions of the model, the subject of the final greeting was also under discussion. “Who greets first or last does not interest Doña Rosa. I love them both very much. If Vicky or Ingrid is last I don’t care. I hope she reconsiders, we are waiting for her here, ”said the humorist. Regarding her complaint about the conditions in which she found everything (dirty dressing rooms, dirty bathrooms, shoes arrived late), Florimonte warned: “Some things yes and others no. I still haven’t gone to the bathroom or to the dressing room, for example,” the actress joked.

Gladys Florimonte: "Estamos intentando que Ingrid Grudke vuelva"

Minutes later, the lawyer and actor from Cobra K, Marcelo Toscanotold how they are handling the situation from the production: “First of all, this is not defined. Ingrid is a wonderful person and we ask her to reconsider”, he expressed while referring to the actress’s questions: “It is not only the issue of who greets first or last, there were a series of inconsistencies that have to do with a theater stopped by the pandemic. You have to be patient, the theater people have shown their willingness to solve everything that Ingrid raised, ”she commented.

Here there are 35 families behind this, the theater sector was hit hard. You have to think about everything behind it, “he added while acknowledging that there was also a small discrepancy between Nito Artaza and Adriana Chaumont. “It is true. She wanted to do something similar to the traditional magazine and Nito something else music hall“, revealed.

Immediately, the protagonist of this last discussion appeared on the scene and spoke about what happened: “We debut on Saturday. Here we are firm all the team for Saturday. We expect Ingrid to come. vI am to think that he did not say about the common thread because here there are 35 families that depend on the work. If he really said that, it’s not cute. I don’t want to believe that comment is true because it hurts me,” Chaumont concluded.

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