Martín Lousteau, at the Evolution congress in Santa Fe.

“And now we go with a very special greeting”introduced the announcer of the launch of Evolution at the national level. He was referring to Gerardo Moralesthe head of the UCR, who represents the sector to which Martin Lousteau wants to stand out. But at that time the transmission was dropped and could not be played on the screens.

“Surely Morales appeared and said, don’t pass it on!”, joked behind the stage one of the referents of the space. “Just, that his support greeting was going to appear, it fell. Martín wanted to kill himself”, one of the 12 deputies that make up the Evolución bloc told the journalists covering the event.

Morales to Lousteau: “You know that you have the accompaniment of all radicalism for the challenges you are embracing”

Finally, the screens of the largest marquee in the UPCN union campsite they played it after Martin’s speech Lousteau. From a desk, the governor of Jujuy sent “his wish for greater success” to the national meeting of Evolution.

“Our party is nourished and strengthened by the currents of internal thought that generate debates and proposals,” said the head of the National Committee of the UCR. To Lousteau he said: “You know that you have the accompaniment of all radicalism for the challenges you are embracing.”

Martín Lousteau: “I didn’t throw the glass at Morales, he threw it at me”

The assembly of Evolución generated some rispideces with the president of Jujuy. The main differences arose from the assembly of the lists for the 2021 elections when Lousteau from the City promoted a new group of leaders, who were not well seen by the leadership of the party. But finally Morales made his support public.

The word of Martin Lousteau

A while before, Martín Lousteau spoke at the presentation of Evolución at the national level. There he clarified that “this is not against anyone.” “There are greetings from Gerardo Morales, our excellent governor of Jujuy; of Rody Suárez, excellent governor of Mendoza; and Alfredo Cornejo”commented.

“It takes character. A leader I am not going to name at a meeting said: “What’s coming in Argentina is very difficult and that’s where it’s up to us”, with a scared face. We are the ones that the more screwed up, the more protagonist we want to be, “she remarked in the face of the challenge of governing in 2023. For his part, he had already announced that he is going to be a candidate for head of the Buenos Aires government.

Martín Lousteau, at the Evolution congress in Santa Fe.

The day continued with different panels with thematic axes based on governance. The Buenos Aires Minister of Finance José Luis Giusti spoke, as well as the national deputy Alejandro Cacace and Carla Carrizo, among others.

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