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A drunken fighter in the Overpoortstraat headbutted and spat at an officer. He was given a restraining order and was allowed to explain it to the judge on Thursday.

Simon Dekaezemaker

During the night of February 26, there was a grim atmosphere in the Overpoortstraat. Some officers were patrolling and suddenly heard of a heavy fight. A policewoman rushed there, but on the spot the drunken amok turned on her immediately.

The officer was spat at and was headbutted by one of them. Her colleagues rushed to the rescue, but they also suffered. The fighters continued to resist and threw bottles at the officers, injuring them and causing them to be incapacitated for work for several days.

The person who gave the headbutt has already been banned from the scene. The judge will consider the case by June 9. The defendants put on their fine robes and demanded community service. The prosecution asked the judge to give a strong signal and ordered up to a year in prison.

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