Agreements for electrical works are signed for municipalities of Río Negro and Corrientes

For the signing of the agreement, the Secretary of Energy, Dario Martinezreceived the mayor of General Roca, Maria Emilia Soriain a meeting in which the Undersecretary of Electric Power, FEderico Basualdo.

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The authorities signed the agreement for the extension of electricity supply networks, the laying of public lighting and the construction of new transformer substations for neighborhoods that currently access the service in precarious conditions.

On this occasion, Proinen will allocate to the Municipality of General Roca a financial assistance of 93,727,520 million pesos for the construction of new low and medium voltage lines, public lighting, home metering and security pillars and the installation of four new transformer substations.

The set of these works will benefit a total of 505 families distributed in 4 Sectors of the Quinta 25 Norte Social Lottery.

The works to be carried out consist of five types of work: a medium voltage network will be laid on concrete columns (12 R2400 and 9 R900 and with 35mm2 bare aluminum cables; in addition, four transformer substations will be built with their respective 315 kVA transformers and safety elements, all mounted on 9R900 concrete columns.

To this will be added the corresponding low voltage network, for which pre-assembled aluminum cables (3×95/50/25 and 3×35/50/25) will be used, eucalyptus poles 7.5m high as suspension and concrete columns. 7.5 R1200 for retention.

In turn, the works will be completed with public lighting works that foresee the installation of 222 100W LED luminaires, which will be connected to the lighting phase included in the low-voltage network, by means of 2×1.5mm2 TPR cable.

“We have been able to work very well with the municipality of General Roca, with a great Mayor who pushes, who manages permanently and in that sense we are beginning to see the results. Together with the Undersecretary of Electric Power we have worked quickly to be able to sign this agreement and Surely, in a very short time, the Rock residents will be able to improve their quality of life,” Martinez said.

For his part, Undersecretary Federico Basualdo expressed “The National State is accompanying a work with a very important social impact, to normalize the electricity supply in one of the most popular neighborhoods of General Roca.”

The National Electricity Inclusion Program (Proinen) was created in 2015 and reactivated in 2021. In this way, many families can access a regularized electricity service for the first time, causing a positive economic impact for providers in the sector and generating new jobs. of work.

Electrical works for Corrientes

Meanwhile, Martínez and Basualdo, together with the mayor of Santa Lucía, Norbert Villordo, also signed an agreement for the repowering of the energy system of the town of Santa Lucía in Corrientes, which will benefit 25,000 inhabitants. This is a set of works that will increase the transport capacity and the reliability of the electricity supply and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the region.

Regarding the work, the construction of seven new overhead transformer substations (SETAs) that will expand the transformation capacity of the current distribution system of Santa Lucía.

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The new substations will be provided with the corresponding H°A° structures, with the installation of 315 kVA transformers, with a 33KV/0.4 kV ratio. and all its maneuvering and protection elements.

In turn, the three existing substations will also be repowered through the provision of three new 315KVA transformers, with a 33 kV/0.4 kV ratio. In all cases, all the corresponding maneuvering and protection elements for the SETAs will be provided.

In addition, 20,000 meters of pre-assembled cables will be installed that will be distributed in different sections to be determined on the route that the new station will follow.

In a complementary way, 33kV (Medium Voltage) links will be executed on suspension and retention columns, in this way the new aerial substations will be linked with the distribution system at the points where the connection is necessary.

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