Agronomy: crashed drunk, without documents, resisted arrest and broke a patrol car with kicks

For at least an hour a man who had crashed his car into a pole in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Agronomy, he resisted, by force of blows and struggles with police officers, to have the vehicle withheld for not having the respective papers of the vehicle. He is now arrested by resistance to authority broke one of the patrol cars and he even wanted to throw himself from one of the moving wheels.

It seemed like a crash like any other that, unfortunately, usually happens on a holiday morning. For unknown reasons, after 5:50 a motorist collided with a light pole on San Martín Avenue and its intersection with Mariscal Francisco Solano López.

as far as he could tell THE NATION, when the police approached the scene of the incident, they asked the driver for the corresponding documentation for the Renault Megane, such as insurance and identity card, and since he did not have it, he was notified that the car was going to be seized. The suspect’s reaction stunned everyone present. At that moment, a struggle began and the defendant wanted to get into the vehicle to leave, but he was detained by police personnel.

This is how they take the driver who drove drunk, resisted being arrested and kicked a patrol car

“We had gone out to a bowling alley, yes. Obviously, I’m not going to tell you ‘no, we don’t drink alcohol’, but we weren’t bad enough for them to say ‘oh yeah, they were drunk’. We go out normal”said Sol, the man’s wife, in dialogue with TN.

First, the motorist did not want to get out of the vehicle. It was then that two officers tried to force him out, but the man, identified as Cristian, was still holding the steering wheel. The struggle became increasingly violent. Meanwhile, his partner shouted from outside. Finally, The uniformed officers managed to reduce the driver and apprehended him on the ground, although the suspect continued with his defiant attitude.

He drove under the influence of alcohol, resisted arrest and kicked a patrol car to pieces

At least four officers kept the man handcuffed on the ground. The driver’s lack of control continued later when the police wanted to take him to a police station. screaming, the suspect asked to speak to a commissioner through one of the rear windows of the patrol car that he broke to avoid being transferred to a police station.

The man’s girlfriend accused the police of taunting them as soon as the accident occurred. “They told us that my boyfriend was a jerk for having collided,” the woman denounced and accused the officers of violently treating her partner.

More than an hour after the incident originated, the motorist was finally transferred, in another patrol car, to a sectional. The assailant was charged with attack and resistance to authority and damage. His partner was also traveling in the car and neither of the two people were injured, the sources added.

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